Member retention is a major focus for gym owners around the world, as member turnover is something that can quickly get out of control. All it takes is a couple key members of your community dropping their membership to start a ripple effect, leaving you with significantly less members than you had the month prior.

gym member churn preventionHow do you prevent this situation from happening at your gym? It’s critical that you keep an eye out for common warning signs that a member is thinking of leaving your gym, as well as have a process in place for addressing these warnings signs when they arise.

In our free guide, Gym Member Retention Warning Signs, we discuss the following retention red flags and provide tips on how to individually address each one:

  • Steady decline in attendance
  • Unusual issues or complaints
  • Removal of autopay
  • Workout partner cancellation
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This guide also provides advice on how you can prevent turnover long before it happens by getting to know each and every one of your members, and frequently looking for ways to get feedback from them. Opening up the door for feedback can help you address manageable concerns before they become serious issues.

You can’t monitor and measure retention if you’re not tracking the right metrics. This guide also provides an overview on the key retention metrics you must track on a monthly base, as well as formulas on how to calculate them.

measure retention

If you’re interested in finding ways to better manage membership retention at your gym by preventing turnover before it gets out of control, get your copy of this informative guide today.

Gym Member Retention Warning Signs