Recruit more adults to your martial arts school

Martial arts is an excellent source of exercise, self-defense and personal discipline, whether the practitioners are six or sixty. Adults who want to stay active are typically drawn to more traditional gyms and forget to consider the quiet, focused workout offered by martial arts. Fortunately, there are many available methods for schools to appeal to adults that will help them fit martial arts into a modern working lifestyle. The keys to filling adult classes are to emphasize the real-world benefits of study and to offer adult-friendly class times.

1). Adult Times for Adult Students

Unlike children, who have afternoons and summers off, adults have busy schedules with many responsibilities vying for their time. The first step to making your martial arts school more appealing to adults is to make classes accessible to them. By offering a variety of evening class times, you can make your classes welcoming to people who need the peace of mind and physical focus provided by the arts. Before work is another common time that athletic and health-conscious people often choose to go for a run or work out in a gym. Many would love to take advantage of a quiet pre-dawn martial arts class to prepare their minds and bodies for the work day.

2). Urban Defense

Children often join martial arts because they want to learn the exciting moves they’ve seen in movies. Adults do things because they see the practical application in their real-world lives. Pitch your classes to real-world concerns and you are more likely to see adult students. Many adults would benefit from having self-defense skills in an urban environment.

3). Fitness and Strength Training

Many adults seek physical activity because they want to keep their bodies healthy and build strength. Most people assume they need workout equipment to reach peak physical fitness, not realizing the amazing benefits that can be gained from training the natural way, with only your body and a partner. Schools have every reason to promote the fitness benefits of their program and will find health conscious adults more than interested in a “new” and better way to gain the body shape and strength they desire.

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4). Family-Friendly Classes

To appeal to parents and make it easier for them to attend pair your adult classes with either a childcare room, or an all-ages class that happens within the same time slot. For best results, get the kids mostly out of sight so their parents can focus on the class. This is an especially useful service for single parents who could really use a few hours a week free of their children.

Making classes family friendly is a great way to get more adult students in your classes.

Adults have an incredible amount to gain from joining a martial arts class. From peace of mind to fitness to self-defense, most of them just haven’t realized how beneficial and enjoyable joining a class can be. A little out-of-the-box thinking can make a big difference in appealing to this new market. By catering to their schedules and needs as busy professionals and parents, you give the adults in your neighborhood a chance to learn the wonderful benefits of practicing this art.

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