Full-Service Billing Powered by Gains

Simple, Secure Cash Flow

The Gains full-service billing team uses their expertise to act as an extension of your business.

The Smart Way to Paid

Keep your relationship with members and students focused on their growth vs. their billing agreements.

  • Gains manages your inbound and outbound billing communication so you can focus on your members’ progress, not their payments.
  • Save time and payroll on administrative tasks associated with billing.

The Fast Way to Paid

Save time by eliminating manual credit card updates.
  • The Gains team works on your behalf to resolve insufficient fund declines and to keep financial aspects of member accounts updated.

The Better Way to Paid

Did you know one in three members who experience a payment decline will cancel their membership?
  • Gains uses SmartDate technology to recover lost revenue, which prevents member churn and increases retention.