The World Cup has to be one of the greatest world celebrations, largely because soccer is a great metaphor for life in general. There are highs, there are lows and then there’s the unexpected. For example, say you’re thinking canceling a particular class because attendance has been low. You’re questioning why you decided to open your gym or box and thinking “why bother?” as you head out to coach the class. But, when you arrive, you find your most loyal gym member has brought a few friends and everyone is super excited about doing that day’s WOD. From low to high in all of 10 seconds!

The World Cup is a major lifetime event for dedicated soccer fans, players and many countries. This type of lifetime event is similar to opening your studio for the first time, getting married or deciding to change careers. Deciding to move forward with fitness software like Zen Planner can also be a momentous occasion. Moving beyond excel spreadsheets, bits of paper and towards automation and integrated payment processing is you as a fitness business owner saying “It’s time to take this to another level.” Soccer requires training and the World Cup marks the pinnacle of years and years of work and commitment, not unlike your fitness business. And, just like a good coach can make all the difference to a budding soccer star, using a good coach can help ensure you get everything you need from your software.

  • Automations can act as your goalie, which can easily save you from overdue bills and expiring credit cards. Probably more than 16 times too (even though Tim Howard is the Minister of Defense).
  • Emails can act as your forward, ensuring that you keep front-of-mind with your clients and “score” big as you create new classes, events or even start a fitness challenge.
  • Integrated payment processing can act as your defense against forgotten payments and eliminate the need to chase your athletes or students for a monthly check.

Zen Planner is here to help coach you to whatever you define as your “World Cup.” In fact, we offer 3 free coaching sessions within your first month of service. So whether your goal is having 100 members in 2 years or opening up a franchise, we’ll make sure that we feed you a brilliant cross that you can volley into the upper 90 for the cup winning shot. And unlike the World Cup which only comes around every four years, we’re here to help every day from 7am – 7pm MT.

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