Owning a fitness business can be an extremely rewarding endeavor, since offering a space where people can get healthy is an effective way to positively affect your community. However, running a successful gym or fitness facility can also be a bit challenging — particularly in terms of setting yourself apart from the competition and establishing your own unique identity that will attract new clients and convince current members to keep coming back.

Branding should clearly communicate the philosophy that drives your fitness business and conveys the top-notch quality of your coaching methods, gym facilities and staff. One of the main goals of branding is to help you stand out from your competition. So are you ready to develop branding for your fitness business? Be sure to take the following considerations into place as you develop your brand’s voice.

Identify Your Target Audience

The best way to start building your brand is to decide who you want your fitness business to cater to. The fitness market is pretty saturated, so thinking about what specific or niche group you want to serve can help in terms of branding. For example, maybe you want to attract serious weightlifters who live for getting stronger, or maybe you want to cater to young women who are looking for an inspiring and body-positive place to take classes and be active. To help better identify and understand this audience, develop a persona for each niche group you’re hoping to reach. Once you identify who your gym will ideally serve, you can begin honing your language and imagery to speak directly to that group of individuals.

Determine Your Voice

Once you know who your brand will be speaking to, you can make it stronger by figuring out its voice — and sticking to that voice. A brand’s voice is made up of all the language used in its marketing and promotional materials — this includes slogans, mottos, advertising campaigns, and even words printed on signs for and around the gym. After all, the things you would say to bring in yogis to your facility is going to be completely different than what you would say to bring in older clientele looking to re-start a health routine and feel younger. You want to ensure you keep your language consistent, since it’s the most effective way to communicate your gym’s goals and message. A clear and consistent voice is a key component to a strong niche, and in turn, a recognizable and reputable brand.

Pick the Right Name

First impressions are always important — so you need to think about what customers are going to think about your business from the first time they hear of it. Thus, it’s important to put a lot of thought into picking your business’ name — since it can ultimately convince or dissuade people to check out your facility. You want to make sure that your name communicates the right aesthetic and philosophy for what your gym will do.

In order to pick the right name, choose a word that accurately speaks to the services your gym will provide and the clientele it will appeal to. Some other important considerations to keep in mind when choosing a name include easy spelling, easy pronunciation, uniqueness (i.e. there can’t be other gyms out there with similar names), and whether a domain name for the business is available online.

Design a Logo

Alongside a unique name for your business, you’ll want to design a logo that goes along with that name. Choose colors that complement your business’ purpose and philosophy and a graphic or font that fits what you do. People love swag and when they belong to a gym with a strong sense of community, they’re more likely to sport logo items promoting the gym. Since your logo will appear on t-shirts, sweatbands, bumper stickers, etc. pick something that’s simple and easily recognizable. Ideally, your logo should contain your business name so that people who see it around town can find the gym on their own.


You may be an expert at running a gym, but nobody’s going to come if they don’t know about it! Create marketing materials to get the word out about your facility and your mission, and use the voice, name, and logo of your brand to tell people what you’re all about. Some great ways to market your fitness brand include putting flyers up in establishments that cater to your niche audience (e.g. at a health food market or a sporting goods store, etc.) and developing well-optimized local listings for your business.

Launch a Website

Your website represents you and your business. Prospects will see your site often before they meet you or even drive by your studio or gym. This means that websites are nonnegotiable, and yours needs to represent your brand and speak directly to your target audience. Your content must be written in the right tone and voice, and it needs to deliver your message clearly and directly. Your overall design, images and text must match your logo and compliment your brand.

An additional way to build your presence online is through social media. In addition to creating pages on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you should also consider starting a blog to share helpful and informative articles relating to your gym’s mission, which will help communicate your image as a thought-leader in your particular field.

Ultimately, running a fitness business is a great way to change peoples’ lives for the better, and one of the best ways to bring those people into your facility is to create a strong brand and market it. If you establish your gym’s identity and philosophy, then run an excellent business to back it up, you should have no trouble drawing in new clients or changing the lives of the ones that are already there.

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