laptop-download-iconI’ve been in marketing for many years, but I’m constantly searching for new ideas. I find inspiration from other marketers, small business advisors and anyone else who creates content that makes me think differently. Since you can easily change “small business” to “fitness business” and many of the ideas offered are still highly relevant, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites:


The HubSpot blog is one of the most comprehensive blogs in marketing. From tips on search engine marketing, creating blog posts and building your customer base, the HubSpot blog offers so much goodness that it is hard to choose a favorite post.

Small Business Mavericks

This blog is updated daily with concise small business marketing tips and commentary. The latest blog talks about how email marketing is still a go-to tactic for many small business owners. “The promise that email marketing holds is the creation of trust between you and your customer through repeated contacts and emails still work great for that.”

The Search Engine Guide

This blog should really be titled, “everything you ever wanted to learn about search engine marketing but were afraid to ask.” With articles that explain why the cheapest search engine tool / person /agency may not be the best to how-to tips on creating your fitness business first Facebook page, this site has a ton of useful info.

What are your go-to sites for fitness business marketing tips or promotional ideas?

If you’re looking for additional inspiration to beef up your marketing plan, check out our recent webinar, 10 Steps to Market Your Fitness Business. This webinar will provide the insight to help you better market and promote your fitness business.

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