How to Define Your Values

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Define and live your company values

Define and live your company values

What makes a business thrive? While success varies depending on who you talk to, a businesses’ culture can be a huge driver of performance. So how do you go about defining your values? And how do you build them into your brand identity?

Why They Matter

When a business is just starting out, the personality and drive of the few employees define the company and its culture. But as a business grows and takes on more employees, the culture and values become more important, since there is less ambiguity. Your business will flourish when you have values to define yourself and guide behavior. Not only do they create a framework, but they can be a source of individual and organizational pride.

Values serve as the identity – they back the vision and help identify the culture. Values educate prospective coaches, members, prospects and partners about what your business stands for. They should not only speak to your internal team, but they should be public as well. Your members should know what your business stands for.

How to Develop Your Values

So we know values are important, but how do you create and define your values? It’s important to get your team involved in the development process. Create a small task force to tackle the objective and make sure that you have different personalities represented. Document the existing culture and branch off from there. Giving a list of examples can also be helpful.

How to Implement Your Values

Once the values have been established, document them in a unique wall. Create a mural in your gym to exhibit the terms or throw it on your t-shirts. Make sure that once the values are set, that you reference them often. Values are not something you set and forget. Bring them up frequently, exemplify them and refresh them when necessary.

Zen Planner Values

Here at Zen Planner we’re #MakingtheDifference with our values. We worked together to create our five OHANA values that encompass the spirit of our company:

O – Outstanding Service
H – Honor
A – Anticipate
N – Nimble
A – Active

These values set a foundation for Zen Planner and help us to stand out against the rest. Each member of our team is expected to personify each of the values and workplace performance is evaluated using them. We believe that each of the five values contribute to a well-rounded team member.

Every week we reinforce these values with our Kettlebell Award. One team member, who exemplifies our values, is honored with the award each week. Then the member who was honored passes the torch (kettlebell) the following week to someone who they think represents our company well. Just as important is it is to implement your values, is it crucial to reinforce the values.

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