OHANA: Making the Difference through Strong Values

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OHANA. This is not just another catchy acronym, rather it represents the strong values each member of our team operates on. These values are embodied throughout our entire organization and are what set Zen Planner far apart from our competition.

OHANA means family, and every new customer and employee who joins Zen Planner becomes a vital part of our ever-growing, fun family. When you dive deeper into what it is that keeps our family together, happy and thriving, you’ll find that each letter stands for a key value.

O – Outstanding Service

H – Honor

A – Anticipate

N – Nimble

A – Active

When our customers call for help and get a member of our in-house Customer Advocate team on the line, we guarantee Outstanding Service every time. We take ownership of any issues our customers may experience and we strive for nothing less than a 98% positive customer satisfaction rating on each and every call. We continuously receive amazing feedback from our happy customers, including one customers who says, “10/10 – I continue to be super impressed with Zen Planner’s Customer ‘Success’ service – prompt responses, friendly people who are knowledgeable and helpful. THANK YOU for making my life easier!”

Honor drives our Sales team to ensure that Zen Planner aligns with the needs of a prospective customer and to be transparent in situations when we do not. Katie Jaffe, Software Sales Specialist, says it best, “I genuinely care about the needs of our prospects and customers and make sure that anyone I bring on board is well-suited for what we do. At the end of the day, our customer’s success translates to my own success here at Zen Planner.”

Our Onboarding team spends time with every one of our customers to customize our user-friendly solution in a manner that Anticipates their future needs. This enables our customers to begin quickly and effortlessly using Zen Planner to its full potential. Our customers have amazing things to say about our Onboarding, and tend to have a pretty good sense of humor when sharing their feedback. One of our favorite customer quotes is, “Connie is great, but I’m jealous that she’s going to Cabo and I’m still stuck here in Canada. So she loses 1 point for that. 9/10… Until I go on a vacation, then likely she’ll get that point back. She dealt with our sporadic questions well, and was very organized through the whole presentation. Looking forward to the next onboarding session setup, and getting up and going with Zen Planner.”

Our amazing Product and Technology teams are the definition of Nimble. They have an incredible ability to stay on the cutting-edge of industry best practices and launch new features our customers need, quickly. “Investments in the technology platform in 2015 have put us in an exciting space to create compelling product at an accelerated pace,” says Chief Technology Officer, Dave Martelon. “Most importantly, the building blocks we’ve constructed allow us to easily weave usability, performance and quality into everything we produce.”

Our entire company lives, breathes and is passionate about being Active in the industries we support. We participate in lunch workouts at our local gyms, have several certified CrossFit coaches, professional MMA fighters and avid athletes, yogis and dancers on our staff; the passion for fitness runs deep throughout our company.

To us, OHANA is far more than an acronym. It is the foundation of our family and is what will always set us apart and keep us above the rest.



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