Happy Customers Happy Hour

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We’re joining a panel of local experts to discuss the ever-evolving API Economy, Tuesday, May 24th in Denver. Zen Planner CTO, Dave Martelon, alongside experts from Brandfolder, ReadyTalk, Cloud Elements and Synap, will speak about software integrations and the future of the API Economy.

APIs are the backbone of any modern software architecture. They act as the heart of business logic that services all applications for maximum code reuse. Further, APIs vastly simplify third party integrations to allow a company to focus on core competence and differentiation. Finally, they allow customers and partners platform access to satisfy unique needs or to extend capabilities in new and creative ways.

The Happy Customers Happy Hour will include networking opportunities, a panel discussion, Q&A and post-event drinks at Denver Beer Company.

What Do You Stand to Gain?
  • A deeper understanding of how companies are leveraging APIs to provide better customer service and reduce churn
  • Plenty of time to mix and mingle with API experts and fellow enthusiast
  • Some local beer and bites at Galvanize and post-event drinks at Denver Beer Co.


When Zen Planner set out to put an API framework in place on behalf of replatforming, we wanted to partner with one of the best in the space. We were overjoyed to be able to take advantage of Cloud Elements’ expertise, leveraging their best-practice capabilities out of the gate. This event is sponsored by Cloud Elements the API Integration Experts, and by the leading organizers of customer integrations, Synap. Together the two companies are changing the way business users consume customer data through predictive APIs, connected applications and intelligent workflows.