Cheers! Beers Role in Zen Planner’s Culture

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Co brews

Co brewsJust as craft beer is a staple in the great state we live in, you can find the joys of beer sprinkled throughout our company culture. Last year, we showed off our brewing skills in the Colorado Startup Brews Competition. This event was a blast, and inspired us to share the role craft beer plays in the culture at Zen Planner.

Creativity in a Keg

zp tapsAt Zen Planner, we find that a great brew helps foster creativity in the office. While an in-house keg might trigger thoughts of parties, for us, it’s a way to encourage our team take a break, recharge and get the creative juices flowing, literally.

Not only does beer help spark creativity in team meetings, it’s also in line with the passionate nature of our team. We are proud to employ so many craft beer enthusiasts. Having an in-house keg with rotating local brews on-tap shows our dedication to embracing one of our team’s many passions. What’s on tap right now you ask? Two delicious brews from Living the Dream Brewery.

  • Helluva Caucasian Stout White Russian meets peanut butter
  • No Filter Wheat Belgium ale with hints of fruit and cloves

Cycling and Suds

gristColorado is home to over 10 percent of the nation’s craft breweries. We feel extremely lucky to live in state boasting 230 breweries, and even luckier to be located down the street from one of our favorites, Grist Brewing. Their unique beers frequently flow from the taps at Zen Planner, and our team loves bonding outside of work at their trivia nights. Grist not only supports our passion of fine beer, but also fitness. We are extremely grateful that they have sponsored our company’s cycling team for the past several years.

On-Staff Homebrewerscheers outside

We both talk the talk and walk the beer-loving walk as many of our employees are homebrewers. Several members of our team make up the 7,000 total homebrewers in the state of Colorado. Our Onboarding Coach Meg Moratorio and her husband Fed are brewing their famous Charlie Boy Bourbon Ale for Zen Planner at the upcoming Colorado Startup Brews competition.

Brewery Team Building

We find bonding outside of work is best when done over delicious craft brews. That’s why our annual summer party has taken place at St. Patrick’s Brewing the past two years. The brewery offers the best of both worlds; a delicious menu of unique beers, such as the Luminosity Lager and Orange Coast IPA, and a huge backyard on the Platte River, perfect for playing our favorite games like corn hole, bocce and Spikeball.

zp group shot

Easter Egg Beer Hunt

Remember the joy and excitement of hunting for chocolate-filled eggs on Easter morning? We recreate that feeling for our team every year, but take it to the next level. For the past three years, members of our team purchase their favorite six-pack, decorate each bottle and have an office-wide scavenger hunt to find these hidden treasures. Sure, every year one person will bring an awful gag gift (cough, our Director of Sales bringing Bud Ice this year… cough, cough), but the passion for craft beer is evident went looking at the wide selection of deliciously decorated bottles.

beer easter egg hunt

From creativity sessions to team bonding, beer definitely plays an important role in our culture. This year, we are looking forward to trying new local brews, showing off our smarts at beer trivia nights and hopefully testing our brewing skills again at the Colorado Startup Brews event.

Cheers from our family to yours!

Do you love beer, fitness and working alongside passionate people? Check out our current job openings!

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