Additional Ways to Convert Drop-In and Class Passes to Memberships

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A couple weeks ago, we shared some ideas on how to convert drop-in and class pass visitors to recurring memberships. This should be a huge focus for your studio as it will allow you to better predict future revenue. Since this is so important, we felt it would be beneficial to share some additional tactics to help convert these infrequent visitors to actual memberships. Here are four additional ways to convert visitors to memberships.

Offer Attractive First Month/New Student Rates

Ideally, you want to catch your new students before they get in the habit of doing drop-in visits or class passes. To do that, offer an attractive (inexpensive) first visit, unlimited month membership option that auto-renews at the regular unlimited monthly membership rate, unless the student cancels or requests a lower-tier membership option.

Enforce Expiration Dates on Class Passes

You may already have expiration dates in place, but you might also be less than excited about enforcing their expirations. The problem is that being lenient on expiration dates undermines your membership options. If you don’t have expirations on your class passes, consider instituting the following:

  • 5-class pass: expires in three months
  • 10-class pass: expires in six months
  • 20-class pass: expires in one year
  • Offer 30-Day Membership Holds

Without a membership hold option, students will need to cancel their membership, with the intention of re-enrolling when they’re ready. But you know that students often never get around to re-enrolling. To ensure this doesn’t happen, offer membership holds. 30 to 60 days is a normal and reasonable amount of time to hold a membership, and offering longer hold periods can lead to students falling out of the practice or habit of yoga.

Get Your Automated Billing and Payment Processing in Place

Finally, and probably most importantly, you need to have automated billing and payment processing in place. Automated billing and payment processing make collecting membership fees effortless for you and your students. Once you set a student’s membership for auto-renew, it is billed and charged on a credit card automatically. It’s essentially a set it and forget it process, which means your students don’t need to decide each month if they want to renew their memberships.

Putting these policies and practices in place will help you roll your single visit and class pass students into monthly, auto-renewing memberships. This will help your business become more stable and sustainable. It will also reduce your worries.

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