Five Key Financial Tips for Opening a Gym

As Controller of Zen Planner, I understand the need for sound finances in running any business. But I also recognize that not everyone enjoys spending their time examining balance sheets and bank statements. For that reason, I’ve complied a few tips that will help you plan for success when opening your fitness business. Hopefully, these tips will free up some time for you and allow you to focus on doing what you love, which is changing lives through fitness.

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Five Financial Tips for Opening an Affiliate Gym

The least exciting aspect of running a box is the financial management part. If you wanted to be an accountant, you’d be sitting at a desk wearing a suit and tie. But you don’t, and we can help. We talked to some financial management experts and came up with these tips to help you manage your future box’s finances as smoothly as you do those double unders.

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3 Simple Ways to Move Your Members to ACH

Payment processing is a complicated topic for business owners because there are a myriad of details that contribute to what percentage your business is charged for each transaction. At Zen Planner we want to help our clients’ businesses grow, and one way to do that is by providing guidance on how to save money on payment processing.

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