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Windsoul Studio is a yoga studio located in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts, just south of the New Hampshire border. Steve and Gail Lachs opened Windsoul Studio for business in December of 2013 to invite others of all ages to join them in the journey that yoga can bring. Steve and Gail aim to guide their yoga students to that beautiful place of peace and tranquility through movement, laughter and love.
Windsoul has many yoga classes that appeal to men and women and various age groups that range from kids to seniors. Their classes consist of Yoga 101, Gentle Restorative Yoga, Multi-level Hatha Flow, Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga and Balance Board Yoga.


Before the studio opened, Steve and Gail knew they needed a software platform to manage the administrative part of their business. In October of 2013, they compared software from several providers, using specific criteria. For example, they needed software to allow their students to view and schedule classes themselves and eventually buy merchandise from their website. Another “must have” was that they didn’t want their students to leave the Windsoul website while they were reviewing their student information or scheduling a class, having software embedded on their website was important. They also needed the software to be affordable and easy to use for their entire staff. In all, Steve and Gail evaluated ten different software providers, but only one was chosen.


By November 2013, Steve and Gail decided to go with Zen Planner as their studio software provider.
“It was the only software that had all the features, at the right price, with good flexibility,” said Steve. “We needed software that was an all-in-one solution for our business and they were also able to embed it into our website.”

Shortly after the Zen Planner’s yoga studio software was installed and the staff was trained, Steve and Gail found themselves saving 8 to 20 hours per week in administrative data entry.

“If it wasn’t for Zen Planner, we would have to hire someone part-time to enter all of the student data,” said Steve. “We enjoy the flexibility of the Zen Planner scheduling system, payment processing integration, the retail functionality, and of course the fact that it is embedded into our website.”

With the help of Zen Planner, Steve and Gail can now spend less time on administrative work and more time improving their students’ yoga experience. Windsoul Studio has grown to over 100 students in the last five months and that number is estimated to grow significantly in the next year.


  • Saved owners 8-20 hours per week in administrative work
  • Fully integrated into business website
  • All-in-one software solution
  • Increased time spent on member experience


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