“With Zen Planner, my entire member management process is automated, and it makes my life so much easier. I don’t even need to think about collecting payments or renewing memberships.”

Dr. Alexander Hutchison
Owner at TejasFit

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TejasFit is a comprehensive and holistic fitness business located in San Antonio, Texas. Opened in July 2014, by Dr. Alexander Hutchison, TejasFit meets the needs of clients of all ages and abilities by offering group classes, personal training and specialty training, like endurance sports and nutrition.


Like most fitness business owners, Alexander wanted to spend time helping his clients get stronger and fitter, not handling administrative work for the business. But by the first five clients into his newly opened business, Alexander could see he needed a business management tool to free him from the paperwork.

A particular pain point for Alexander was the monthly process of collecting payments. He never enjoyed tracking down clients to collect their membership fees. It was a lot of work and took him away from other things that would create real value for the business.

TejasFit was also lacking a great scheduling tool for their classes and personal training sessions. Alexander needed something that would help him manage the schedule, but also allow his students to reserve classes and sessions online.

Alexander knew that this was something he had to find in order for him to grow his business.


Alexander evaluated several software solutions and selected Zen Planner. He preferred it to the other options because it was easier to use and fully customizable. The customizability was a benefit because he could set the system up to work specifically for his business. Plus, Zen Planner was priced right and provided exceptional overall value.

Now all TejasFit members have their payments processed and posted to their accounts automatically. If a member wants to place their account on vacation hold, that process is also easily automated. “With Zen Planner, my entire member management process is automated, and it makes my life so much easier. I don’t even need to think about collecting payments or renewing memberships,” Alexander said.

The TejasFit class schedule is now online too, so reserving a class and buying a membership is simple. Members can also make appointments for personal training or fitness testing, and Alexander and his team are able to see the most accurate class and appointment calendar as it’s updated. All this means TejasFit members are getting better service and Alexander and his team have more time to teach classes and coach clients.

Alexander’s favorite aspect of Zen Planner is the company’s desire to provide exactly what owners want and need. They do this by continually soliciting feedback and product enhancement suggestions from their users. Alexander took this feedback process one-step further and joined Zen Planner’s Beta Test team. He now reviews new product updates and features before they are shared with all customers. Alexander is engaged with the Product Development team and knows he has the opportunity to shape the product to be what he wants it to be. This receptiveness to users’ requests sets Zen Planner apart from the competition.


  • Saves Alexander 10 or more hours a week in administrative time.
  • Helped Alexander grow his business by 900%.
  • Saves gym 40+ hours each week in administrative work.
  • Makes it simple for members to reserve classes and coaches to see updated schedules.
  • Automates the entire payment process.
  • Works with business owners to provide a product that meets their needs.


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