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“Zen Planner is the all-in-one solution for our business needs. Unlike with other systems, nothing’s lacking.”

Chau and Catherine Le
Owners of Krav Maga Seattle™


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If you’re in Seattle and want to learn Krav Maga and get a great workout, you need to be a member of Krav Maga Seattle™ (KMS). Owned and run by Chau and Catherine Le, KMS is the only officially licensed Krav Maga Worldwide® National Training Center in the city of Seattle.

With world-class instructors and an empowering community, KMS provides dynamic self-defense and fitness programs that empower members by making them stronger, more confident and better prepared to protect and defend themselves.


Chau and Catherine opened KMS with a wealth of business experience and knowledge. They knew that they would need a robust student management software solution, so they did their research and compared three different options: MINDBODY, Front Desk and Zen Planner. Based on their research and on an outstanding recommendation from their coach and friend, owner of Krav Maga Toronto, they chose Zen Planner. It was the most comprehensive solution that met their business needs.


Chau and Catherine are glad they selected Zen Planner because it makes running and growing KMS easier. “Zen Planner is great because it helps keep us organized,” Catherine said. “With close to 300 active members, it would be impossible to do much of anything manually.” For instance, all KMS students are set up with memberships that are auto-billed and renewed at the end of their term. This removes the hassle of collecting and depositing payments, and they can be sure that payments are made on time and without any effort on their part.

Zen Planner also sends out a notification if someone has a credit card that’s about to expire. “In most cases, members will get the notification and reach out to us to give us a new card before we have to contact them,” Catherine explained. “If we tried to keep track of things like that ourselves, we’d get behind and we would have an issue with past-due payments, which is not an issue for us today.”

Another way Zen Planner helps keep KMS moving forward is with class scheduling and reservations. “About a year and a half after opening, we started having problems with class crowding,” Catherine explained. “We sometimes had over 40 people show up for a class; we needed a way to manage the flow of our members.”

Right about that time, Zen Planner launched its Member App. This feature allows KMS students to make and manage class reservations from their mobile devices. “Very quickly we went from no class reservations to 100% of our members reserving their spots in class. That software feature solved a big problem for us. Now our class sizes are optimal, and our students have a positive experience.”

Zen Planner’s robust retail functionality is another critical feature for KMS because they stock and sell a wide variety of retail items. From logo wear to hand wraps, boxing gloves, shin guards, mouth guards, headgear, and more, KMS carries everything a student might need. “Zen Planner makes it easy to stock and sell these items. When we get a new item in, we add it to the system and put it out for sale. From receiving the shipment to being able to sell it, it only takes about 30 minutes. From there, Zen Planner tracks our sales and manages our inventory count.” This functionality makes it easy for members to buy the items they need and enables an additional revenue stream for KMS.

The Les also appreciate how easy it is to set up different types of memberships in Zen Planner. “We offer a lot of different membership options,” Catherine explained. “There’s the unlimited 12-month membership, the month-to-month membership, law enforcement and student discounted memberships, seasonal promotions, punch cards, and the list goes on. Zen Planner gives us the flexibility to create all of these different memberships to meet the many needs of our students and our business.”

Not only does KMS use Zen Planner for their day-to-day business needs, they also use Zen Planner’s robust reporting capabilities to inform their annual business plan. “Every year, we carve out the time to review the previous year’s results and come up with our plan for the coming year. What worked well? Where could we have improved? What are our short and long term goals?” Zen Planner’s reporting capabilities allow the Les to analyze KMS’ revenue streams, retail sales, class attendance patterns, and every other aspect of their business so that they can make informed decisions on how to move their business forward.

The Les recommend Zen Planner to other Krav Maga and martial arts schools. “Zen Planner is the all-in-one solution for our business needs. Unlike with other systems, nothing’s lacking. We depend on their automated billing and payment processing, retail functionality, revenue reporting, automated email functionality, scheduling and class management, attendance tracking, instructor calendar and more.”


  • Makes it easy to manage their high volume retail sales and earn more revenue
  • Keeps KMS organized and error free
  • Saves time with helpful automations
  • Provides the data they need to make informed business decisions
  • Provides flexibility so KMS can offer a variety of different membership types
  • Keeps class sizes optimal so their students always have a great experience


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