“Zen Planner solved my time-consuming administrative challenges, provided a better experience for my clients and allowed me to grow my business.”

Michele Kelber
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After 10 years as an attorney, Michele left the legal profession, pursued her passion in personal training and began her business, Kelber Coaching. Michele lives in Brooklyn, New York, and organizes CrossFit Kids programs for multiple affiliates in the New York City area. She also works with adults on their specific fitness and weight loss goals, as well as clients with special needs. Her focus is in offering her expertise, compassion and support for anyone making the decision to lead a healthier life.


Upon starting her business in March of 2013, Michele manually kept track of all her client schedules, fitness plans and payment status on calendars and spreadsheets. With many client fitness sessions, in multiple locations and each with their own personal fitness plans, keeping track of it all was a time consuming process that pulled her away from her efforts to grow the business and start her own non-profit program. She began looking for personal trainer software solutions that would free her time by eliminating the time consuming administrative work. Michelle wanted an affordable solution to provide value to her business and create a better experience for her clients. “I have many client sessions going on at different locations, and having a software solution that keeps track of everything would be ideal,” added Kelber.


Zen Planner freed up enough time for Michele to advertise in the community, and as a result, her business grew by 20%. She’s also had enough time to fulfill her dream of starting her own non-profit 501 (c)(3). Michele is very pleased with the positive results that Zen Planner made to her business and describes Zen Planner as “user friendly” and a “great investment.” Michele added, “Zen Planner solved my time-consuming administrative challenges, provided a better experience for my clients and allowed me to grow my business.”

Zen Planner provided Kelber Coaching with an affordable all-in-one software solution that manages Michele’s client schedule, organizes her individualized fitness programs and provides automated billing. The Zen Planner team worked closely with Michele for a seamless transition that added quick value to her company’s bottom line and provided a better experience for her clients. “I like how Zen Planner works for me. There are lots of ways to view my clients’ data quickly and accurately.”


  • Automated billing
  • Enhanced client scheduling
  • Increased ability to organize fitness programs
  • Seamless transition to Zen Planner
  • Business runs more efficiently and effectively
  • Enabled business to grow by 20%


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