Forte Fitness & Zen Planner's bootcamp software


Forte Fitness is a Central Florida award-winning company that specializes in boot camp fitness training. The mission at Forte Fitness is to empower others to live up to their full potential through fitness to become healthier, develop more confidence, and feel unstoppable through motivation, education, and a commitment to lead by example. Owner Alicia Streger opened Forte Fitness for business nearly six years ago with a small ad in a local newspaper and a plan for successful business growth. Today she has over 150 clients and her business continues to grow each month.


When Alicia opened her business, she spent too much time manually tracking her members’ billing, payment and attendance information. This translated into spending 10 to 15 hours per week on data entry and administrative work. After only a few short years, Forte Fitness’ membership grew significantly and Alicia needed to find a fitness business solution that would free her from the time-consuming manual processes and enable her to focus on growing her business.

She began searching for an all-in-one fitness management software platform. “I wanted a fitness software that had a lot of functionality and could support our growth,” said Alicia. “I needed software that would save me time and energy as well as keep my administrative costs to a minimum.”


At the end of her evaluation, Alicia decided to implement Zen Planner as the fitness software solution for her business. She uses Zen Planner for client billing, tracking client sessions, employee payroll, pulling reports, and automating client birthday greetings. Zen Planner helped Alicia save the 10 to 15 hours per week on administrative work.

“Zen planner helps me to keep track of my clients and gives me the reports and tools I need to keep my retention rates soaring. Because Zen Planner keeps track of everything, I can spend my time on actively growing my company,” said Alicia. “With the addition of Zen Planner, we now have a trustworthy and efficient system in place to support our growth and maintain our level of service to our clients. We plan to double our membership base within the next year and without Zen Planner, this growth plan would not be possible.”


  • Saves owner 10-15 hour per week in administrative data entry
  • Tracks member billing, payment and attendance, employee payroll and creates reports
  • Helps retain clients
  • Allows owner time to build business growth
  • Positions business to double growth in the near-term


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