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CrossFit Wired opened its doors towards the end of 2011 and is a fully equipped training facility based on the Gold Coast, Australia. With everything from monkey bars, climbing ropes to Olympic lifting equipment, they have grown to 90 athletes in a couple of years. Members range from teens to what they jokingly refer to as “mature fossils” and every age in between. They run classes 6 days a week.

CrossFit Wired focuses on ensuring correct technique and movement patterns to minimize injuries and ensure that athletes can workout for the long term. Mandy Kinzett, Head Coach and Owner says, “Being an experienced CrossFitter prior to starting CrossFit Wired, my focus is on correct technique and solid movement patterns. We have built a solid reputation around this philosophy.”


One of the problems CrossFit Wired ran into shortly after opening was keeping track of client memberships and payments. Mandy notes, “I started searching for a CrossFit software management solution when I began spending more time keeping track of payments than coaching. I certainly didn’t want to continue being buried in a spreadsheet. I want to spend time doing what I love which is coaching our athletes.”

Mandy evaluated other CrossFit software systems such as MindBody, but found Zen Planner to be the solution that worked best for her affiliate. She also appreciated the fact that Zen Planner offers a free trial to let her experience the software for herself.

She says, “I liked Zen Planner’s free trial because it enabled me to play around with it with my own CrossFit gym data which meant I got a better picture of what I could do with Zen Planner. Once I had some information in there, it just made sense to stay since Zen Planner was easy to use and worked so well for my CrossFit. I also had friends that said that Zen Planner was easier to use than Mind Body.”


double unders at crossfit wiredOnce CrossFit Wired implemented Zen Planner, Mandy says that she saved about 10-20% of her time that was previously spent on administrative tasks. She notes, “With Zen Planner, my CrossFit clients’ membership payments are taken automatically without me having to check that it’s happening. This has enabled me to focus on coaching rather than worrying about whether or not one of my athletes has an outstanding balance.” She adds, “One thing I’m extremely proud of is the community that we’ve established – everyone is really encouraging, friendly and welcoming, and newbies always fit in right away. There has been some great friendships come out of the box. With Zen Planner as our CrossFit software, I can focus on continuing to build the amazing community that we’ve created.”

Mandy has also been super impressed with Zen Planner’s customer support team. She says, “I think the best thing about Zen Planner is the customer service. I understand that problems happen especially as you get more clients using Zen Planner and more requests are received from clients, however your quick turn around time in solving problems is fantastic! I also really appreciate that Zen Planner always takes the time to hear our requests on changes to help our business.”

When asked if she had advice for other CrossFit owners who may be evaluating fitness software, she says, “Make sure you ask about customer service and also their responsiveness to new product ideas.”

Because of the success of CrossFit Wired with Zen Planner, Mandy continues to recommend Zen Planner to her friends and colleagues. “I always recommend Zen Planner because it is super easy to use, they offer awesome customer service and they are always willing to take product requests based on our requirements. Simply put, Zen Planner rocks!” she enthusiastically notes.


  • Automated payment processing
  • Easy to implement software
  • Reduced administration time by 10-20%
  • Offer outstanding customer service


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