“It was very clear to me after speaking with other CrossFit™ owners that you have to have Zen Planner to run your fitness facility.”

Dario Delkic
Founder and Co-Owner of CrossFit Park Ave

crossfit park ave affiliate gym software case study


CrossFit Park Ave


Dario Delkic is a fitness enthusiast in Rochester, New York who constantly looks for ways to stay in shape. In early 2012, Dario tore his ACL while playing indoor soccer. During his physical therapy, a friend of his introduced him to a CrossFit™ program to help him get back to the agile, competitive, physical condition he was before the knee injury. When Dario completed his physical therapy and CrossFit™ program, he tested his injured knee’s strength which was 108% compared to his other knee. Dario was immediately sold on the benefits of CrossFit™ and began discussions with his friend to start a business in the CrossFit™ industry. In mid 2013, Dario opened CrossFit Park Ave (CFPA) and quickly built his business to 70 members. CFPA’s approach to training allows its members to increase and improve capacity in the ten fitness domains: stamina, strength, power, speed, flexibility, coordination, cardio respiratory endurance, agility, accuracy, and balance. The overall benefit to CFPA’s members is a well balanced and a healthy individual ready to tackle life.


Before Dario opened for business he knew he would need a full-time employee or find another way to manage the business. He needed his schedule of classes to be updated daily, member attendance to be tracked, invoices and payments to be recorded and members to be alerted of their expired credit cards or past-due invoices. He also needed to keep member account information in one location and separate prospects from current new members. He didn’t know if he could manage this administrative part of the business with spreadsheets or if another solution would be needed.


Dario began to talk to other CrossFit™ business owners about these challenges and the software solutions they found that work for their fitness studios. Nearly all of these owners recommended that Dario look to Zen Planner to provide an all-in-one CrossFit™ software solution for his business. These owners had described to Dario the success they had with Zen Planner and provided him with specific examples of data management and efficiency and ease of use.

Dario commented, “It was very clear to me after speaking with other CrossFit™ owners that you have to have Zen Planner to run your fitness facility. I felt confident that Zen Planner would handle the invoices, payments, attendance, alerts, data capture and more.” CFPA adds new members each month and attributes that to Zen Planner. Zen Planner also saves them from having to hire an extra person for administrative work. This is a combined net value to CFPA of nearly $50,000 per year. “The system is so easy to use,” added Dario. “We have students and elderly who use our system and they all find it super intuitive. Anytime we come across someone new to the industry, we recommend they use Zen Planner.”


  • Provides all-in-one CrossFit™ software solution
  • Provides automated billing
  • Adds $50,000 of net value to the company each year
  • Increases new member sign up
  • Increased staff efficiency
  • Provides user-friendly experience for all members and staff


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