“Our ability to perform day to day tasks was limited. Simply working harder wasn’t the answer, we needed to be smarter. Once we heard about Zen Planner, we signed up, and it’s been great ever since.”

Tyler Benson
Coach at CrossFit Blacksburg

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Tyler Benson owner of CrossFit Blacksburg


CrossFit Blacksburg, based in Blacksburg, VA utilizes the CrossFit methodology of fitness and nutrition to provide an elite level of fitness for the masses. They work with a wide range of clients, from military Special Forces, collegiate athletes, police officers, and fire fighters, to expectant mothers, grandparents, high school athletes, and business executives. They believe everyone can benefit by their training regimen and have a great active community to prove it.


When CrossFit Blacksburg opened for business, they had manual systems in place. They sent out individual emails for members and prospects and used paper contracts for their memberships. They also took notes about client progress and updated the class schedules and coaching calendar by hand. But as a young business, it was evident they needed to work more efficiently if they wanted to grow.

“Our ability to perform these tasks effectively was limited,” said Tyler Benson, manager and Coach at CrossFit Blacksburg. “Simply working harder wasn’t the answer, we needed to be smarter. Zen Planner was the first tool suggested to us that could do the job well so we went with it, and it’s been great ever since.”


The Zen Planner Onboarding team worked with Tyler and his staff to get them up to speed quickly. They showed them how to create custom reports, embed their schedule on their website, utilize workout tracking and perform key member management functions. “They really took the time to help us get to know the software,” added Tyler.

Zen Planner gave the CrossFit Blacksburg team the tools they need to manage their entire business. They can now touch each client with personalized emails and quickly reach potential clients with information about membership benefits.

“Zen Planner is very effective at providing us the ability to create membership packages and a schedule that helps us communicate what we have to offer at CrossFit Blacksburg,” added Tyler. “These tools have helped us become who we are today at CrossFit Blacksburg.”

Clearly, the software automations and features save the Blacksburg team a significant amount of time each week. One example of the time saved is with their membership contracts. After switching from the old paper contracts over to the new digital format, they now have the ability to mass-create and send contracts electronically with the click of a button. Before this would have taken hours and additional effort back and forth between the team and the client.

The Blacksburg team also raves about the support Zen Planner provides. “The support team is great at helping us resolve issues. Anytime we have a question, we don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give them a call. They are always there to help” explains Tyler.


  • Improves member experience.
  • Automates communication, contracts and billing.
  • Saves gym 40+ hours each week in administrative work.
  • Captures prospect data and automates marketing communication.
  • Makes managing the business easy.
  • Grew community by 400% since implementing Zen Planner.


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