Believe Like a Champion

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Believe like a champion

You are great at what you do. You have invested in the right business tools. Yet, you haven’t experienced success at the level you expected. Why not?

Now is the time to enhance your success psychology.  This term may feel messy and unclear, especially when the going is rough.

Why do so many business owners ignore the power of the mind?

There are countless blogs written on the successful mindset required in today’s fast-moving world. When surveyed, virtually all business owners believe in the power of the mind and a successful mindset. They do not, however, believe the power of the mind applies to them. You may be one of those people and it is likely you don’t think it applies to you because you know all your flaws and weaknesses. You judge yourself most harshly in relation to how powerful you really are.

Beliefs are rooted in science

Here is what neural scientists know with certainty: everyone uses habitual sentences to describe their reality, to describe their success and to frame their belief about what they can and cannot do. An example of a habitual sentence may be, “I am not good at selling,” or “I am great at motivating people.” What makes these habitual sentences true? Most business owners would argue their experience and realistic view of their resources define this truth. However, they are merely describing that which is already true.

Create your truth

The most successful business owners don’t follow this process of thinking. They create the habitual sentence that best serves their drive, passion and dreams. By using these habitual sentences over and over again, they become true. For example, most business owners frame their reality and limitations with statements like, “I can do this” or “I cannot do that.” These statements are viewed as realistic.

However, driven and passionate business owners will use different sentences like, “I must do this,” and “I do not tolerate that” or “While not likely, I will find whatever it takes to…” While it may seem unrealistic, this type of mindset and implementing these habitual sentences are what set business owners apart. The biggest challenge to implementing a habitual sentence like this is not believing in the power those statements hold.

Successful business owners declare an unrealistic truth and find a way to make it realistic. They believe.

So the most crucial element to take from the mindset of the most successful business owners is this: you must find a way to change what you believe. And here’s the great news, it is far easier than you think!

Emotions drive your beliefs

Most business owners when attempting to change what they believe, have a seeing is believing mentality. They might believe they need to work hard and accumulate the evidence that things are changing. Or, they might practice the fake it until you make it theory in hopes of changing. They might assign qualities to their change: hard work, persistence or perhaps luck. Without going down that rabbit hole, I am here to assure you, those methods rarely work.

Here’s how successful people change their beliefs… They put the emotion in their body that one would have when that belief is true.

Here’s why it works. While you can have thoughts of success, they will not change how the mind is wired without habitually using them. And the challenge is not to counter those new success thoughts with thoughts that seem more realistic but are in fact, limitations. In order for new thoughts of success to take deepest root, you must water them with your emotions. It is the power of emotion that rewires the brain to believe these sentences, long before they become a habit.

This habit becomes pleasurable because you have pleasurable emotions that you believe in. This can eventually become addictive which is exactly what you want.

For anyone who says that they cannot create an emotion for something that is not yet true, think about it this way: most people have no problem putting anxiety, worry or stress in their body for things that never happen. It is easy for people to create truth with negative thought. It is also easy to create truth with positive thoughts.

More to come

We have more blogs coming your way in the coming weeks to help solidify this new, powerful way of thinking and approaching your business. It is far easier to create success than most people know. I would love to hear your feedback and challenges in this blog. You can reach me at

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Guest post written by, William Sumner

Author, sought-after speaker, successful business coach and Bill Sumnerrecognized leadership expert in coaching technologies. Committed to sharing his gift of lasting transformation with others, Bill developed his coaching system, “The Inevitable You®” to blend the best of his teaching and what is known in the “personal growth” industry. He has also launched The Institute of Personal Integrity and Ethical Leadership. His integration of leadership training and experience, military skills, social work background and executive business knowledge makes him one of the most unique coaches within the industry. Visit Bill’s website to learn more about him.

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