Maximizing HIIT Member Retention Through Online Booking

High intensity interval training (HIIT) gyms approach scheduling and booking in a different way than their traditional counterparts. As opposed to members exercising independently on one-person machines and equipment, most HIIT gyms operate on a class-based structure. With HIIT gyms, classes are typically scheduled at specific times throughout the day. In this article, we’ll explore how HIIT gyms can use this structure to maximize HIIT member retention using customizable online booking software. 

Embracing a Class-Based Structure 

Because HIIT gyms operate on a class-based structure, it’s often easier for members to foster a sense of community and consistency, especially when class schedules are consistent. Think about how best to leverage this structure for effective online promotion and HIIT member retention. What would be the most effective way for members to see your class schedule and when are the best times to offer classes? 

HIIT studios typically limit the number of participants in each class to ensure a quality experience that includes individual attention from the instructor. By setting the maximum number of participants for each class, you maintain the ideal ratio that ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for each member. With this model, instructors and members can be on a first-name basis and members get quality, personalized instruction, which is great for overall satisfaction and HIIT member retention. 

Implementing Online Booking Systems 

Implementing a robust online booking system is a game-changer for studio owners that want to create an elevated experience for their members and prospective members. Gym member management software like Zen Planner is the ultimate ally in this endeavor, offering specialized HIIT studio software designed to elevate the entire scheduling and booking experience. 

With Gym member management software, HIIT gym owners can seamlessly integrate a user-friendly online booking platform into their existing websites. The software provides integrated calendars that showcase class schedules along with instructor details, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing interface for members.  

The flexibility to embed these calendars allows gym owners to maintain a unified online presence using one, integrated platform. Zen Planner also has a member app that provides convenient access to class schedules, booking capabilities, notifications, and reservation management—all from the convenience of their smartphones.  

This not only simplifies the user experience, but also contributes significantly to HIIT member retention by fostering a sense of community and engagement. By leveraging Zen Planner’s comprehensive HIIT studio software, gym owners can effortlessly navigate the intricacies of class-based structures, limited class sizes, and online booking systems, ultimately enhancing their gym’s appeal and ensuring sustained member growth.  

  • User friendly. The online booking platform you select should be easy for your members to access and navigate. Embed it on your website alongside your class schedule that includes information about what to expect during the class, and a short bio about the instructor. Zen Planner’s integrated calendar makes online booking easy. 
  • Flexible schedule. Offer multiple classes per day to give members as many options as possible. Offering two morning, afternoon, and evening classes, for example, is a popular — and convenient — cadence that many HIIT gyms provide. Zen Planner’s attendance tracker helps to identify popular class schedules using data, so you can refine it to meet member demand. 
  • Advanced booking options. Give members the option to book classes well in advance. Features like wait lists with automated reminder notifications, and emails provide an elevated experience for your members. 

Digital Marketing Strategies for HIIT Member Growth 

Utilize your online booking system as a tool for HIIT lead retention and generation through strategic digital marketing. Offer discounts, establish a low-cost referral program, leverage social media, and run promotions and ads to reach your target audience and increase your overall visibility.  

Utilize online reservations as your call-to-action (CTA) throughout your marketing efforts. CTAs are a digital marketing technique designed to persuade prospective customers to take a specific action, in this case — booking a class. Effective CTAs are always clear, concise, and beneficial.  

Referral Program 

Gym referral programs are a proven low-cost way to bring in valuable new members. Consumers are four times more likely to purchase or engage with a business when referred by a friend. Those referrals tend to be happier and more loyal because they’ve self-selected your services using reliable information — the recommendation of a friend.    

Referrals typically buy more products and services, giving them a 16% higher lifetime value compared to non-referred customers. They also decrease the duration of the buying cycle, helping you close sales quicker than those coming from another source. 

Ask yourself these three questions before launching a referral program:   

  1. Do you want to reward the member (alone), or the member and the person they referred? Offering the referred person a discounted month, for example, might be enticing.  
  2. What will you use to reward referrals? Consider compelling offers like gift cards or discounted memberships or sessions with a trainer.  
  3. How will you measure the success of your program? If you have member management software, you can measure this easily by creating a referral lead source.

Social Media 

Social media should be at the core of your marketing strategy because of its pervasive, influential nature. As a gym owner, you can use social media to build your community, but your prospects often use it as a research tool to learn more about you.  

Before making the decision to pay you a visit, most people will look you up on their favorite social platform. According to a survey from G/O Digital, 62% of respondents said Facebook is the most useful social network for researching a small business. With 2.9 billion active monthly users, lasting popularity, and great features for small businesses, we recommend you start your social strategy with Facebook. 

After you’ve created an informative business page, it’s time to start posting. Keep these elements in mind as you post on Facebook and other platforms: 

  • Maintain consistent branding 
  • Target your audience 
  • Use applicable, high-quality images 
  • Incorporate value-driven content 
  • Inspire community engagement 
  • Post regularly 

Paid Ads and Promotions 

There are three main types of ads you can create:  

  1. Awareness ads increase brand awareness. They’re aimed at people who don’t know about your gym or what it offers, so these ads are great to get your name out there.  
  2. Lead generation ads entice people to fill out a form promoting a freebie or special offer. The goal with these types of ads is to collect contact information so you can follow up with them later and persuade them to become members of your gym.  
  3. Retargeting ads remind interested people that your gym exists. These ads show up for people who have already engaged with your content, usually by clicking a previous ad, checking out one of your social media accounts, or visiting your website — which means they are likely already interested. It makes sense to offer a discount in these ads to give these prospects the nudge they need to become members. 

Platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok allow you to target your advertising content based on specific demographics, interests, behavior, and location to reach your target personas and grow your community. Paid ads give you the chance to appear at the top of search engine results or in prominent positions on social media feeds to grab the attention of prospects who would not have discovered your gym organically. 

Unlike organic strategies, paid ads offer immediate visibility and detailed analytics and tracking. Metrics like impressions, clicks, and conversions can be monitored, giving you the option to tweak targeting, ad copy, and design for better results along the way. Promotional offers entice prospective members to give your gym a try. Include them in your targeted advertising efforts, particularly in lead generation or retargeting ads. 

Unlocking HIIT Member Growth Potential with Zen Planner 

Zen Planner revolutionizes digital marketing and online reservations for HIIT gyms. In one, integrated platform, you can create a mobile-friendly, optimized website that incorporates a user-friendly online booking system. Within the same platform, you can send emails to members and prospects with personalized messages, promotions, and reminders, and post on social media with the aid of artificial intelligence. You can also simplify a host of your other day-to-day operations like tracking attendance and managing billing and payment processing. 

Zen Planner helps you build strong member connections, increase revenue, and elevate member retention. 

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