An Introduction to Our Onboarding Process

gym owner working

gym owner working

One of the biggest potential downfalls of a new client is Zen Planner hubris. You’re smart, the system’s intuitive, so how hard can a database setup be? It has nothing to do with ease, and we caution our customers not to get lulled into early database complacency. Zen Planner Onboarding is all about getting you on a fast track to success to show you how amazing Zen Planner is for your business.

Our team of Onboarding coaches knows the system inside and out. We have knowledge we gleaned from the legends before you to help us guide your business on the fast track to success. We want you to rock the system like a boss so that you can make better use of your time, make better business decisions and increase your relationships with your athletes and clients.

Guess what? We’re going to guide you there in free introductory Onboarding sessions. While you’re waiting to kickoff your first session, here are three easy things to keep in mind while preparing for your Onboarding session:

marketing flow chart1. Have a sense for your brand, your identity.

Are you Globo-Gym? NO! You’re better than that. What’s the story of your business? Coming in with a sense of your brand and values allows us to have more context for your Onboarding sessions.

2. Enter each session with an empty cup of tea.

Prior to your first session, you may have a solid idea on how the basics of the system function. However, there’s a large difference between creating your database and creating your database for success. We want to save you the stress of inheriting headaches down the road due to a faulty database setup. Saving money on Advil is an inevitable benefit of using Zen Planner.

3. Where are you now and where do you want to be?

There hasn’t been a single business we’ve worked with who does not want to be more successful. Whether that means having the bandwidth to bring on more staff members, open a new location or have a stronger bottom line. Having an idea of your goals allows you to learn about Zen Planner in its entirety.

We look forward to our time together in your Onboarding sessions. If you have questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to call our Customer Advocate team at 866-541-3570 or check out our help documents.

Are you currently evaluating gym software providers? Make sure they offer Onboarding sessions and other key features by downloading your copy of our free checklist, 9 Things Your Gym Management Software Must Have.

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