Compound Insights: Comparing the Annual Affiliate Gym Benchmark Reports

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CrossFit Report

CrossFit Report

The Annual Affiliate Gym Benchmark Report is the most comprehensive analysis of business data in the industry. Each year, we aim to provide insights that make owning an affiliate gym easier and we refine our reporting and analysis based on feedback from the community. With that, the third annual report that was recently released is the most thorough collection of key takeaways so far. To better understand how the industry is changing year over year, we zoomed out and compared the past three affiliate gym reports.

This year’s report depicted 450 survey responses, over 70 more than last year’s report. This increase in survey respondents improves the validity of our data and means more box owners like yourself are actively engaged in this process. The more survey responses we receive each year, the more people we are able to help!

While the number of survey respondents is different with each year’s report, the Zen Planner team meticulously analyzes the raw data we receive and investigates any obvious reporting errors. If a data point is clearly inaccurate and causing our averages to appear unrealistic, we remove it.

Leaders = Most Profitable Affiliate Gym Businesses

Median Membership Pricing

Owning an affiliate gym means taking a deep dive and analyzing your pricing models. A shared takeaway in each year’s report is that Leaders charge for the value of their services. With the third annual report showing the highest median price for unlimited memberships, it’s clear that this takeaway rings true in the industry. Simply put, profitable affiliate gyms command higher prices.

The median membership price for unlimited memberships by report are:

Third Annual Affiliate Gym Benchmark Report = $173.43

Second Annual Affiliate Gym Benchmark Report = $165

First Annual Affiliate Gym Benchmark Report = $172

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Athlete Retention 

Athlete engagement and retention is a business component that is getting prioritized more and more each year. Box owners see the value in using WODs as engagement channels, and they are investing in those channels to retain athletes. Platforms and mobile apps like SugarWOD are making it easier and more fun to engage the community using the WOD as a foundation. With that increase in adoption and investment, we expect to see churn data improve year over year.

Churn is the percentage of total athletes lost each month, while Net is the percentage of athletes added each month minus the percentage of athletes lost each month. Let’s compare last year’s data with this year’s to see if a pattern is taking shape:

Third Annual Affiliate Gym Benchmark Report = 3% Churn, 2% Net for Leaders

Second Annual Affiliate Gym Benchmark Report = 3% Churn, 4% Net for Leaders

Average Monthly Financials

With the above-mentioned difference in retention data, one would expect the total monthly revenue to be higher in the second annual report. However, the actual revenue data illustrates the overarching importance of commanding higher prices.

Total Monthly Revenue Averages by Report:

Third Annual Affiliate Gym Benchmark Report = $35,868.70 for Leaders

Second Annual Affiliate Gym Benchmark Report = $29,249 for Leaders

Dive into the data on your own, download the third Annual Affiliate Gym Benchmark Report.

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