Facebook offers for fitness businesses

We have covered a lot of information about advertising your fitness business on Facebook over the past month. Facebook is a great way to way to reach an extremely relevant audience in your neighborhood. In addition to Facebook ad campaigns and boosted posts, you can also reach relevant prospective members in your neighborhood with Facebook offers.

What are Facebook Offers?

Facebook offers are discounts or promotions you promote through your Facebook business page. When promoted, offers are a great way to get new visitors into your fitness business.

How to Create an Offer

You can create an offer as long as your Facebook business page has at least 50 likes. To create an offer, scroll to the top of your page’s timeline, and click Offer, Event + and select Offer.

Create a facebook offer

Make sure to set up facebook offers accurately.You will then be taken to a screen where you can create your offer. The offer will consist of a mandatory 25-character title, 90-character description and an image. You will also need to set an expiration date for the offer, as well as a limit for the number of people that can claim the offer. There are optional items to add to your offer as well, which include:

  • Start date: if you want your offer to start on a specific date.
  • Online redemption link: if you have a specific landing page setup to collect information for those who have claimed the offer.
  • Terms and conditions: if you have legal jargon that you need to include. [clearfix]
How to Promote Your Offer

The great thing about Facebook offers is that they’re free to create, however, you likely won’t get much participation if you don’t promote the offer. If you plan to create offers as part of your fitness business’s digital marketing strategy, then you should absolutely pay to promote them.

To promote your offer, go to the Ads Manager section of your Facebook account, and click the button + Create Campaign.

Use Facebook to advertise promotions for your business.

This will take you through the process of setting up relevant targeting for your offer promotion.

Once you promote your offer, you will start seeing engagement in the form of claims, shares, likes and comments. When a user claims your offer, it will appear in their friends’ new feeds, which will give you additional, free organic reach. There are some additional ways you can promote your offer outside of advertising, which include:

  • Pin a Facebook postMake sure your offer is visible on your page by pinning it to the top of the page. To do this, click on the dropdown in the top right hand corner of your offer post, and hit Pin to Top. This will ensure your offer stays at the top of your page’s Timeline.
  • Include a direct link to your offer on other social channels and in your emails to prospective members.
  • Don’t forget to share it on your personal Facebook page, and encourage your happy members to share it as well. You can even draft a post for them to share on their Facebook pages to make it even easier for them to promote it (ex: “You can check out the awesome CrossFit box I go to for free! Claim this offer to get your first week free!”).

Get creative with your offers. Try offering free classes, free intro sessions, free weeks, discounts on upgraded memberships for current customers, discounted personal training sessions, etc. Continue to test, track and optimize your offers to ensure you’re getting the most out of your advertising efforts.

We wish you the best of luck with your Facebook advertising ventures! Be sure to share what has and has not worked for your fitness business in the comments section below. We look forward to hearing your stories!

Facebook ads, boosted posts and offers are a great way to get your business’s name in front of a relevant audience. Looking for additional ways to reach prospective members? Consider adding pay-per-click advertising to your marketing strategy this year. For tips on how to get started, download our free Guide to PPC for Fitness Business Owners. This guide is chock-full of information on how to create campaigns, write effective ad text and optimize your program to ensure you’re getting a strong ROI on your campaigns.

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