The Third Annual Affiliate Gym Benchmark Report

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As an affiliate gym owner, you belong to an elite group of business owners changing lives through fitness. The affiliate owner community collectively possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience, so each year, we bring everyone together to uncover critical business data.

This year, like previous years, our Annual Affiliate Gym Benchmark Report provides the most comprehensive collection and analysis of business data in the industry. From critical facility data, like size and cost per square foot, to financial information like revenue and expense per athlete, we share the information you need to ensure long term financial success for your affiliate gym.

To ensure the information presented in the report is helpful to you, we segmented the data into three primary groups: Small, Medium and Large affiliate gyms. We also created a fourth category called “Leaders.” This group earns at least $7,000 in profits each month.

Leaders use business tools like member management software.

-The Annual Affiliate Gym Benchmark Report, 3rd Edition

Some of the vital performance and benchmark data we share includes:
• Median square foot per athlete
• The most popular membership pricing options
• How affiliate owners pay themselves
• Discount strategies and percent of athletes with discounts
• Yearly athlete retention rates
• Average leads/prospects per month
• And much more

If you’ve ever wondered whether you should discount your memberships, pay yourself more, hire another coach, expand your class schedule, spend more on marketing or partner with other health and fitness companies, this report is for you.

By downloading and reading this report, you will have the information you need to make sound business decisions and put your school firmly in the Leaders category.

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