The Power of Community: CrossFit® and The Force of Human Connection (Book Review)

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As I get more and more excited about the upcoming CrossFit® Games, I find myself wanting to read anything about the sport I can get my hands on. This weekend I finished reading “The Power of Community: CrossFit® and The Force of Human Connection,” by Dr. Allison Belger. It’s a wonderful book and a speedy read and I highly recommend it to affiliate gym owners and other fitness business owners. If you find yourself short on time just 2 weeks prior to thevCrossFit® Games, I’ll share the highlights with you.

Dr. Belger starts by telling the story of how CrossFit® impacted her life. She then discusses how connection and community are vital to our health and well-being, citing scientific evidence. Studies show a direct and positive correlation between positive connections and greater mental health, wellness and lower mortality rates.

Dr. Belger then takes this thought process a step further and points out that community, combined with the workouts really have the power to transform lives. She says that by leveraging the power of a great community, CrossFit® gives us the tools to overcome challenges we face outside of the box. Dr. Belger says that through common workouts, members share physical struggles and the elation associated with overcoming them. In turn, this sense of empowerment then fuels even greater achievements.

Dr. Allison Belger devotes the remainder of her book to inspirational stories that demonstrate this power of community. Her stories were inspiring and made me proud to serve the affiliate gym community with our affiliate management software. If you’re now inspired to read it, you can find it on amazon and at most bookstores.

My favorite quote:

“CrossFit’s® emphasis on sound nutrition and a healthy lifestyle gives it more power to change lives for the better. In other words, both the content of CrossFit® (the program, itself) and the process of how the CrossFit® methodology is transmitted (the group setting with shared fitness goals) will contribute independently to positive outcomes, making the combined effect that much more powerful.”

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