How to Optimize Affiliate Gym Facebook Ads

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While Facebook Ads Manager is intuitively designed, it’s not easy to create and manage ad campaigns that actually work. It’s one thing to create an ad that gets seen, but it’s an entirely different challenge to create and manage highly optimized ads that drive athlete acquisition. In this blog post, we dig one level deeper and explore ways your affiliate gym Facebook ads can be optimized even further.

Keep Your Copy Concise

Clear and concise copy is massively important for an effective Facebook ad. If your ads look more like a post, consider breaking it down to include a hook and offer. On Facebook, users can only see the first 3-4 lines so it’s critical to get your point across early in ad copy.

Include more details on the contact form for lead generation ads. This way, your ad is clear and concise, but your audience is still getting the information they need.

– Sara Gunning, PPC Specialist at Zen Planner

Use the Right Creative

Ad creative that helps your audience imagine themselves at your box performs better. Use high-quality images and videos of your athletes in your facility. Furthermore, avoid wide-angle shots to improve campaign performance on mobile devices.

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Add Value with Offers

Your audience isn’t on Facebook to shop for a gym membership or make commitments. Provide value to your prospective athletes by offering a free class, week or even free retail items upon sign-up.

Consider how long you’ve had a specific ad and offer running so your audience doesn’t adapt to or get exhausted by the same content.

– Elizabeth Corcoran, PPC Specialist at Zen Planner

Thoughtfully Test (and Retest!)

If you don’t test and track which gym Facebook ads strategies work best, your box is missing an opportunity to maximize its marketing spend.  Make sure you are testing, but try to avoid testing too many elements of your campaigns at the same time. Of course, if your audience is too broad, you run the risk of spreading your budget too thin. It’s a difficult balance to strike, so constantly retest your approach to see what is working.

Gym Facebook Ads are a powerful tool for affiliates who want to grow. Even when your strategies work and your box is growing, take it to the next level and actually try to disprove your success. As a leader in the affiliate gym community, you know this commitment to excellence is how long-term improvements are made.

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