Affiliate Gym Operating Procedures: Opening & Closing Checklist

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3 women using tablet at gym

It’s the little habits that end up guiding the course of our lives. At home that might mean getting a good night’s sleep or eating clean, but at the box it’s all about the day-to-day procedures you have in place.  

Are your daily routines organized and well-planned? Or are they random and simply just getting you by? 

Your gym’s opening and closing procedures can make or break your operational effectiveness. Follow this checklist to make sure you’re running your gym at peak effectiveness. 

Why Standardize Your Gym Procedures? 

Even if you have a strong, well-trained team, documenting your procedures will still benefit you. Establishing an organized system of opening and closing procedures sets your gym and your team up for success. 

Operating procedures ensure you can easily move through your daily routines, maintain consistency and efficiency, and provide members with a better experience. Putting your procedures down on paper reduces errors and misunderstandings caused by your team misunderstanding or forgetting tasks. 

Written procedures also make it easier for you to train your staff for new roles. Staff members can trade and work shifts they don’t normally work. They’ll be able to use your procedure checklist as a reference, ensuring key steps are never missed no matter who opens or closes.  

Your team will know what you expect from them each day, and you’ll know things are going to be done right. Those consistent routines create a sense of order and structure for your gym – something that members will appreciate as much as your team. 

Start by working through your opening and closing process. Then use our checklist to verify you’re not missing anything. 

Gym Opening Checklist 

  1. Turn on and login to all necessary technology (TV screen for Faceboard and WOD, computer and iPad for check-in/retail) 
  2. Put the programmed WOD up on your TV + write workout on the board 
  3. Ensure retail items are fully stocked and organized 
  4. Check trash and ensure bathrooms are fully stocked and tidy 
  5. Refill chalk buckets if they’re empty or running low 
  6. Set up for special programming + warm up exercises (get rowers ready, get out bands or rollers, turn on fans) 
  7. Get your playlist ready 
  8. Plan your daily introduction question for each class 
  9. Unlock door + open garage doors if needed 
  10. Write the names of the reserved athletes on the board before they come in 
  11. Ensure each athlete checks-in using Kiosk Mode or check them in using the staff app 
  12. As they walk in, write the names of non-reserved athletes on the whiteboard 

Gym Closing Checklist 

  1. Make sure all equipment is put away and secure 
  2. Turn off any computers, TVs and iPads 
  3. Plugin any technology that requires charging 
  4. Empty and take out the trash 
  5. Run retail reports (if you run those daily) 
  6. Erase white boards 
  7. If you’re responsible for cleaning, ensure bathrooms are cleaned, equipment is wiped down and floors are mopped 
  8. Lock doors