Is Your Box Ready for Member Management Software?

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CF pull ups

CF pull ups

We’ve surveyed thousands of affiliate owners to determine the point at which they felt they needed software to manage their box. About half of those surveyed decided they needed member management software prior to opening their doors. The remainder decided to search for software once they had about 25 active members. When affiliates get to about 25 active members, collecting payments manually and tracking attendance in spreadsheets quickly becomes overwhelming.

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guy on mountainBefore he opened his box, Dario Delkic, owner of CrossFit Park Ave, knew that the administrative aspects of managing a business would be time-consuming. He sensed that he would need a full-time employee or some resource to help him manage the business. The class schedule had to be updated daily, member attendance tracked, invoices and payments recorded and members notified of their expired credit cards or past-due invoices. With all of these requirements, Dario doubted that he could manage the administrative part of the business with spreadsheets alone.

Dario began to talk to other affiliate owners about these challenges and the software solutions they used to run their business. Nearly all of these owners suggested that Dario take a look at Zen Planner. These owners described to Dario the success they had with Zen Planner’s all-in-one affiliate gym software and provided him with specific examples of data management and ease of use.

empty CF gymIt was very clear to me after speaking with other CrossFit® owners that you have to have Zen Planner to run your box. I felt confident that Zen Planner would handle the invoices, payments, attendance, alerts, data capture and more.”

Today, CrossFit Park Avenue adds new members each month and attributes that to Zen Planner. Zen Planner also saves CrossFit Park Avenue from having to hire an extra person for administrative work. This is a combined net value to CrossFit Park Avenue of nearly $50,000 per year.

We consistently hear stories just like that one. Box owners save an average of ten hours a week once they implement a software solution. If you bill for your services at $25 per hour, the very low-end for fitness businesses, you can reasonably expect a gain in revenue of about $1,000 per month. Almost all the affiliate owners we surveyed say that they actually undercharged prior to using software because it was impossible to maintain accurate attendance records. That would explain in part why affiliates that use software grow at a rate of 88% annually, while those who don’t grow at only 2.3% annually. (Technology Institute, 2014)

In addition to saving money and time, many affiliate owners decide they need a software solution to stay competitive. 57% of affiliates use some sort of scheduling software and 36% of those who don’t intend to purchase it in the next two years. Those who don’t adopt a software solution could be left at a competitive disadvantage.

Selecting box management software is a big decision. Get your copy of our free checklist, 9 Things Your Affiliate Gym Software Must Have, to help guide your research.

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