How You Can Train for the CrossFit® Games

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With the CrossFit® Games beginning this week, I’d like to recommend a book to stoke your excitement. Training for the CrossFit® Games, is the actual yearlong training plan used by CrossFit® Games competitor Julie Foucher. It gives readers an inside look at what it takes to build a world-class athlete and serves as a reference for affiliate owners and athletes wanting to adopt competition level programming.

Written by renowned CrossFit® coach and Zen Planner affiliate gym software customer, Douglas Chapman, this training plan is broken down by week and then by the days of the week. Each day’s workout is listed with a warm-up set, equipment needed, the day’s WOD and a lifting and skill block. As the year progresses, the workouts have additional skill development work and a power hour set. Throughout the book there are photos of Doug’s athletes, notes on the theory behind the programming and a glossary at the end for CrossFit® terms and abbreviations.

Since this training plan was the actual plan used by Julie Foucher in preparation for her ‘2nd Fittest Woman on Earth’ win at the 2012 CrossFit® Games, this book is both inspirational and motivating. It gives readers a brief glimpse into the dedication that’s required to end up on the podium and makes you feel dreams like this can be achieved if you’re willing to work hard for them.

Of course any training program requires the ability to track an athlete’s progress. If you’re heading to the CrossFit® Games this week, please stop by the Zen Planner booth to see comprehensive workout tracking in action.

For more tips and advice related to the affiliate gym community, be sure to check out our resource library. Here you’ll find eBooks, webinars and checklists that will help take your box to the next level.

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Shilo Lucyk
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