Building Your Affiliate Gym’s Marketing Arsenal

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Your affiliate gym’s marketing arsenal includes much more than an email list and social media accounts. There are several often-overlooked tools and integrations which must be implemented to thrive in 2019. These tools and integrations work together to make your life easier, so you can master your affiliate business, grow your community and delight your members.

Prospect Funnel

A quality prospect funnel should be easy to implement, allowing box owners to track conversion rates and identify the most successful marketing campaigns.

Integrated Websites

Your affiliate gym’s website should speak to your member management software, from class scheduling to your WOD and Leaderboard displays. Your website should be fully integrated with your member management software, providing a complete pairing of your marketing and business management tools.

10-Step Marketing Guide for Your Affiliate Gym

Facebook Integrations

Facebook is still the standout platform for social media marketing in the fitness industry. Your affiliate gym’s Facebook page should be linked to your schedule and other marketing tools. You should be able to embed lead forms and your schedule into your Facebook business page.

Email Automation

Email marketing for your affiliate gym is more than sending a regular newsletter, there are multiple scenarios where automated emails are an effective communication strategy. Do your athletes automatically receive “Happy Birthday” emails on their birthdays? Do your athletes automatically receive payment confirmation emails? Does your staff automatically receive a weekly to-do list via email? These are simple automations that can make a big difference in your business, and you should expect to have these abilities in your marketing arsenal. 

Now is a great time to elevate your marketing arsenal. Check out our free Affiliate Gym Marketing Guide!

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