Community Building: Bringing The CrossFit Games to Your Box

Host a CrossFit Games Watch Party

Host a CrossFit Games Watch Party

The CrossFit Games might be ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ for those who do CrossFit®, own an affiliate or have friends who do CrossFit®. Even if you don’t know anything about CrossFit®, the Games are still fun to watch.

This year, the Games are set for August 1-5 and for the second time will take place in Madison, Wisconsin (Making the trip? Check out our local recommendations). Those lucky enough to go will get front row seats to watch men and women compete to be the fittest on Earth. Luckily, for those who are not able to attend, there will be live streams and TV options as well. But, chances are there are also some athletes at your box who might enjoy a more interactive experience.

Sure, the CrossFit Open is one option, but what about during The Games themselves? This is the perfect time to have a friendly box competition! Nothing fancy by any means, but a way to incorporate The Games into your box and build a stronger community. Here are some ways you can incorporate The CrossFit Games into your box this year:

Have a watch party

A watch party is a great way to get a group of your athletes together to watch a sport that they all enjoy and can relate to. Set up a projector at your box, or if you feel comfortable, invite them over to watch The Games at your place. You can also turn the watch party into a potluck with everyone bringing their favorite dish to share.

Watch the Games:
Dates: August 1-5th
Location: Madison, Wisconsin
Where to Watch:

Create your own version of the Games

That’s right, there are medals, ribbons and smiles all around because you are throwing your own ‘mini games’. Think about having some type of competition each day for the duration of The CrossFit Games and encourage spectators to come and cheer on the athletes. During this time, these athletes will complete a WOD and receive a medal or ribbon (or whatever fun giveaways you can find on Amazon). Those athletes who enjoy a good friendly competition will enjoy this event.

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Create a CrossFit Bracket

Who says that March Madness is the only time to make a bracket? They’re fun, they add a little competition, and give you a rooting interest. So, why not create a similar competition with The CrossFit Games? Consider handing out brackets a few days before The Games start and having athletes keep track throughout the event. This is something everyone at your box can take part in and will create some lighthearted competition. Consider providing a small prize for the top three winners: swag from your box, blender bottles, t-shirts or a sticker are all great options. You can find an outline for the bracket here.

Whether you decide to try one of these ideas or use one of your own, the CrossFit Games are a great opportunity to build community at your box. Let the countdown begin!

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