Why Attracting Vacationers is a Strong Move for Your Box

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KB in sand

KB in sandVacation, at least for me, usually consists of eating too much rich food, relaxing too long, and succumbing to sloth-like behavior. Many times during vacations this has led me to a state of guilt, which in turn forced to me search for a gym where I can sweat out the shame of my extended lazy behavior. Many of you can probably relate to this.

We athletes hate it when we lose the precious personal gains we have made over the rigorous but rewarding months of consistent attendance at the box. A week or two away can hurt our fitness and performance. Posting a WOD can be great when traveling but let’s be honest: it’s the camaraderie that pushes us through the workout each day. We wouldn’t have joined a box at all if we could just look up a workout and do it at home. There are affiliate gyms all over the world. Whether you are in St. Cloud, Minnesota or Fiji you can find a local box to work out at. Here is why and how you should market to bring vacationers (and traveling workers) to your affiliate gym.

The Value

Drop-in fees will rarely be a significant or reliable source of income but bringing an extra $20 or so here and there never hurts. More importantly, a traveler with a good experience will likely share their great workout with locals they know in your area or even post about it to their social network. Remember, athletes have a strong tendency to talk about their recent workouts and word-of-mouth is the one of the strongest marketing tools there is for your box. This is invaluable and at little to no cost to your business.

Be Found Online
Making sure people find you when searching for boxes in your area on Google is vital. Here are a couple tips:
  • Make sure all of your information on your Google Business and Yelp listings is up-to-date and accurate. Location, Hours, and Phone number are essential, and every listing should contain a link to your website.
  • Make sure your site is optimized for local keywords. When someone searches for a term like “CrossFit® box in [location]” you want your website to be at the top of the results in Google.
  • Maintain a blog that you update regularly, even if it’s once a week. Google loves recent and relevant content.
  • Don’t forget to include information for drop-in visitors on your site. Do you require that these visitors fill out paperwork before attending? Or do they need to reserve a spot in class before they arrive? Make sure you have detailed information on what steps drop-ins need to take before attending their first class, as well as how much that class will cost.

Sure, vacationers and travelers will never be the heart of your affiliate gym, but you never know the connections and friends that could be made from a short term visitor. And don’t miss out on the opportunity to do a WOD at another box just to see how other athletes workout the next time you’re away from home.

A strong marketing plan is the key to get both vacationers and locals into your box. Get your copy of our popular 10 Step Marketing Guide for Affiliate Gyms for easy-to-implement advice to help enhance your marketing efforts this year.

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