Affiliate Gym Benchmark Report Retrospective: Key Findings

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Affiliate Gyms continue to have a strong, committed base of devotees. While most boxes have a lot more similarities than differences relative to other verticals in our industry, each affiliate has its own culture that it brings to the table. There are also some stark operational differences that separate the high performing boxes from those that are struggling. In our latest Benchmark Report we surveyed hundreds of affiliates from across the country and found some great insights that can help any box.

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Gym Competitions

40% of leading boxes host competitions in their gym. This can be an excellent way to bring in additional income. These don’t just have to be for your most competitive athletes, either. You can do things like beginner WODs, battle of the boxes, charity WODs, hero WODs, really anything that brings the community of your members together. These competitions also don’t just have to be targeted at your current members. This can be a great way to get new people in the door.

Gym Retail

Leading boxes bring in more than $1,700 in retail sales a month, while their struggling counterparts only bring in about $250 a month. Retail is an excellent way to bring additional revenue to your business each month, and it’s one of the many reasons why leading boxes have more than $12,000 in net profit a month.

Sell the supplements and gear you recommend to your members. Make it easy for them to buy the stuff that will help them train better and help you get paid in the process. These items might include jump ropes, wrist wraps, tape, grips, barbell clips, protein powder, drinks like FitAID, and fish oil supplements. Look for opportunities to grow your retail store by offering new branded gear on a frequent basis. In the summer, release new tanks, hats, and shorts. In the winter, release beanies, sweats, and hoodies.

Beginner Memberships

From our data, only 3% of leading boxes have a beginner specific package, while the majority of affiliate gyms do offer an on-ramp or +foundations program to first time users. We’d love to get insight from the community. What types of memberships are box owners selling for this? And you can share your insights in the comments area of this post.

That’s a Wrap

Those are the key takeaways we’ve discovered from our most recent Affiliate Gym Benchmark Report. Download the full benchmark report below to look at all of the responses and see what separates the top performing boxes from those that are struggling.

We’ll be gathering data for our 2019 Benchmark Reports in the coming months. If you’d like to participate in comment below or send us an email at Any feedback you have on how to improve our survey and report in future years is also appreciated.

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