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According to Bloomberg, four out of five small businesses will fail. Seeing that the vast majority of our customers are small businesses, this statistic has a big impact on us.

We continuously hear affiliate gym owners say that they got into this business to help make their clients successful, not to make money. However, having solid financial goals in place is what enables you to continue serving your clients, as you simply can’t help them if you’re out of business.

This year, we set out to gain deeper insight into the financial success of affiliate gyms around the world. In a recent survey, we asked affiliate gym owners to share information about the performance of their box through a series of financial, operational and emotional questions. With over 400 affiliate gym owners responding, we were able to create the most detailed financial performance information that we’ve ever seen for our industry.

Get your copy of our 2016 Affiliate Gym Benchmark Report today!

In our free 2016 Affiliate Gym Benchmark Report, we share the five key things that leading gyms around the world are doing to create success for themselves. We also break down benchmark performance data by gym size, providing you with easy-to-digest information on things like:

  • Demographics
  • Facility size
  • Membership types
  • Classes offered
  • Staff size
  • Profit-loss analysis

Below you’ll find a breakdown of where the boxes we surveyed are located.

affiliate gyms map

If you’re looking for information to help take your affiliate gym to the next level, or if you’re interested in seeing what your successful competition is doing right, get your copy of this free report today.
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