As the Zen Planner team prepares to travel to the CrossFit® Games, we put together a list of top ten tips you’ll need to know to survive the weekend with your health and sanity intact. Read through them and let us know if any resonate with you. We’d also love to hear any you have that didn’t make our list.

1. Stay hydrated. You can’t survive on Paleo kits and fish oil alone.

2. Hold on to extra TP. Because someone out there is living on Paleo kits and fish oil alone.

3. Don’t burn out. You’ve got 3 whole days to visit the Rogue tent, so don’t try to see everything on Friday.

4. Avoid buying gear on Friday. Historically, prices at the vendor tents always drop on Sunday.

5. Wear sunscreen. Racking a barbell on a sunburn will suck on Monday.

6. Get out and enjoy LA! Don’t turn into a hotel hermit after the Games end.

7. Do meet your heroes. Say hello to Kelly Starrett and Coach B. Do not act like a 14-year-old girl at a Bieber concert when you see them.

8. Make friends. You probably got addicted to the sport because of the community, so take some time and build a relationship or two.

9. Be cool to others. Share your sunscreen, cheer for the underdogs, and don’t get frustrated when the food line gets long at noon.

10. Come by the Zen Planner suite, have a bite to eat, grab a beverage, and check out our comprehensive workout tracking. You can see from the photos below, you’re sure to have a great timecrossfit-games-photo-grid.

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