Thousands of CrossFit™ Gyms Already Trust Zen Planner with Their Business

Every day you’re building a powerhouse community. You’re passionate about training and dedicated to the work (and fun) it takes to transform minds and bodies. Zen Planner provides convenient dashboard analytics and reporting, and gives you all the full-service tools you need to grow your affiliate gym without spending a ton of time on administrative work. What are you waiting for? With Zen Planner’s all-in-one solution, you can focus on growing your community and doing what you love.

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Keep It Simple

Zen Planner makes sense from the start. With seamless data transfer, we make it easy to switch over from your current system, and many of our affiliates tell us they were up and running within just a matter of hours.

Auto-Billing? No Sweat

Integrated payment processing saves you time and money. Quickly send out reminders, invoices and receipts with helpful auto-emails and collect payments more efficiently—without being tied to the desk.

Simplify Scheduling

Our integrated Workout Tracker monitors attendance and reports WOD results directly to each athlete’s personal profile in Zen Planner. Check instantly to see who’s making regular progress and who needs a little bit of help.


Check out our list of software features and see how we can help you gain back your time, so you can get back to coaching and building your box, and stop worrying about gym management tasks.
  • Their informative support team helps us get things done quickly and helps me learn how to manage things effectively.

    Matt HathcockOwner, CrossFit Unbroken
  • We love the quality of the product and how easy it is to work with the Zen Planner team.

    Steve HartleOwner & Head Coach, Backcountry CrossFit
  • Integration to get Zen Planner up and running was incredibly fast and easy due to their amazing customer support.

    Skip MillerOwner, Front Range CrossFit
  • Zen Planner has not only allowed us to make more money but to better understand where that money is coming from.

    Tim ThackreyOwner, CrossFit High Voltage
  • I really don’t know of anyone that has more time in dealing with the things that are really applicable to CrossFit box owners than Zen Planner

    Andy PetranekOwner, CrossFit LA
  • This is our 4th software, and compared to the others Zen Planner is very streamlined and has improved our time management.

    Matt HathcockOwner, CrossFit Unbroken
  • Zen Planner software helps me run everything in my business from client retention, attendance, coach’s hours, retail and even workouts now with workout tracking.

    Tim ThackreyOwner, CrossFit High Voltage
  • It was very clear to me after speaking with other CrossFit affiliate owners that you have to have Zen Planner to run your fitness facility.

    Dario DelkicFounder and Co-Owner of CrossFit Park Ave

Grow Revenue

Video Testimonial

Hear from Owner of CrossFit Unbroken Denver, Matt Hathcock, about how Zen Planner helps him get things done quickly and manage his business effectively.

Increase Member Sign Up

Case Study

Learn why Dario Delkic, Founder and Co-Owner of CrossFit Park Ave, feels like you have to have Zen Planner’s all-in-one software solution to run your fitness facility.

Save Money

Video Testimonial

Hear from Owner of Back Country CrossFit, Steve Hartle, about why he suggests Zen Planner to many other gym owners. Save time and get back to the things you love.


  • $70Monthly
    • Up to
    • 50
    • Members
  • $90Monthly
    • Up to
    • 100
    • Members
  • $110Monthly
    • Up to
    • 200
    • Members
  • $130Monthly
    • Up to
    • 400
    • Members
  • $145Monthly
    • More Than
    • 400
    • Members

A Pricing Plan That’s Fit for Your Affiliate Gym

Zen Planner’s monthly pricing adjusts with the size of your box, so you’ll never have to worry about upgrading or downgrading plans. Paying only for “active athletes” ensures you’re always getting the maximum value on your affiliate membership software.


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