Digital Marketing for Martial Arts Schools


When it comes to digital marketing for martial arts schools, you should ask “should we outsources”? The answer to that question depends on a variety of factors, like available budget, business objectives and the agency or freelancer you’re considering. To help you decide if you should hire someone else to manage your digital marketing efforts, let’s examine the potential value and some frequently asked questions.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing

Given you have hired the right person for the job, that is, someone who knows digital marketing for martial arts schools specifically, outsourcing has a few core benefits. The first and perhaps most important benefit for a martial arts school owner is that outsourcing saves time. If someone you trust is managing your digital marketing, you and your staff can focus on sharing your passion and spending more time with students. Another massive benefit that matters more and more in this digital world is that outsourcing gives you a better product. Simply put, invest in a professional and you’re going to get a better-looking result.

How to Separate Your Ads from Competitors’ Ads

To run successful social media and Google ads, you need to be running numerous ads at once.  Having multiple offers and promotions target a broader audience will allow you to capture more leads.  The offers that you are willing to promote will be the most enticing piece that will engage your audience. You need to set yourself apart from your competition.  For example, a martial arts school who is running an “Anti-Bullying Campaign” is likely going to outshine their three competitors down the street who are all offering “Free Trial Classes.”

Zen Planner has pulled data from many ads. Therefore, we have suggestions on what types of ads will set you apart and be the most cost-effective.

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How Much Money You Need for Ads

Based on Zen Planner’s analysis of over 500 clients, the minimum you should be allocating towards a single ad should be $100-$150.  The more flexible your ad spend budget, the more leads you are going to bring in, increasing your chances of student conversion.  With Zen Planner’s ads, we target specific demographics based on the type of clientele our clients are wanting to bring into their businesses.  These prospects are high quality and extremely targeted, producing an average of 12-15 prospects per ad with an average conversion rate of 40%.

You have a lot to think about and manage as a martial arts school owner. Outsourcing your digital marketing efforts to a trusted team of professionals will help you amplify your brand, drive more leads and save time.

The ability to attract new students is critical to your school’s success. You can be the best instructor in your city, but if you’re not properly marketing your school, you won’t have students to teach.

Websites and digital marketing go hand-in-hand. Learn more about what your school needs, download our website design checklist.

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