Start Selling Retail on Your Phone or Tablet with the Staff App

app and tablet retail

It’s a common situation. It’s five minutes before the class you are coaching and a member or guest wants to buy a water bottle or a t-shirt. You need to quickly and easily make the sale before heading to your class to begin the warmup on-time.

Before configuring your Zen Planner retail store, you might have depended on an honor system, manual tracking or even a third-party to process the sale, resulting in another business expense you could have avoided using your all-in-one Zen Planner member management software. With your fully configured Zen Planner retail store, it’s easy to sell items on multiple platforms – in studio and in both the Staff and Kiosk Mode of the Staff App.

Through the Staff App, you can sell retail to member, staff, prospects and even guests!

Why the Staff App?

From member check-in’s and bill pay to digital signatures for waivers and contracts, once time-consuming tasks can now be completed with a couple taps of a finger. The Staff App was created to streamline the most common tasks for staff members, so integrating retail sales and management into it simply made sense.

Sell Items Quickly

In a few taps, you can quickly process retail purchases for anyone. From water bottles and supplements to yoga mats and shirts, anyone in your facility is able to quickly and efficiently give you their money.

granola bar on staff app

Mobile and Tablets

We have expanded where you can sell your items. You can now process and manage retail in Studio, Staff App and Kiosk Mode. The Staff App is available on Android and Apple tablets and phones.

app and tablet retail

Sell to Members and Guests

Selling items to anyone is easy. Regardless of the person’s status in Zen Planner, your prospects, alumni, students, and now guests, can check out in a breeze. No need to create profiles for the casual guest or drop-in, simply “Check Out As Guest” to take their payment, track your inventory so you can get past your administrative work and get back to your clients.

Grow Your Revenue

There are certain items your members are purchasing outside of your gym or school. Why not start selling these items they need to help bring in additional revenue each month? If you currently sell retail, this feature provides more opportunity and easier access to retail sales that can help increase revenue bottom line. Heck, with retail sales being simplified, you might need to restock inventory more frequently to keep up!

Retail Studio Updates

With the addition of retail sales to Staff App, there additional configuration is available in your Studio product catalogue. Here’s what’s new:

  1. Where would you like for this product to show up? You can choose to have it be displayed online (member-facing or on Member Connect), member self-service in-gym (Kiosk Mode) or for your staff (in Studio and on Staff App) so you can better manage what products should be sold where and when.
  2. A description is now available for every product – not just products that are available online (Member Connect).
  3. Show Inventory will allow you to indicate if this is an item you are tracking inventory for in Zen Planner.

retail in studio

Start Using it

If you don’t yet have the Staff App, download it today on your Android or Apple device. To access retail, simply tap the Z and check out the helpful resources below:

Latest New Features

Did you know that Zen Planner releases new features and enhancements every two weeks? Bookmark this New Features page to ensure you never miss an update.

Gone are the days of manually tracking retail sales and depending on an honor system for inventory and revenue. Quickly and easily make the sale so you can get back to doing what you do best – running your business.

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