Check Out the Benefits of Retail Products (Part Two: Nutritional Supplements and Drinks)

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In our last blog about the benefits of carrying retail products, we discussed managing the product, from ordering to sales. Today, we’ll tell you about one of the most popular aspects of our retail store capabilities, the ‘express checkout’ feature.

When it comes to nutritional products, members look to coaches and trainers for advice. By having products you believe in readily on hand for your students, you’ll be able to further solidify your relationship with them. No one knows this better than Gillian Casten, the founder of Rate Your Burn, a review site for group fitness instructors. Casten says, “Once you find a studio that engages you and gets you to change your body, you trust their judgment about everything.” This personally resonates with me. If it wasn’t for my CrossFit box, I wouldn’t know a good nutritional supplement from a bad one. They help me navigate the myriad of products on the market and I defer completely to their advice.

But here’s a bit of advice from a recent Inside the Affiliate blog post, “Don’t Sell Out: Selling Supplements at CrossFit Affiliates,” “Be sure the things you sell resonate with who you are and the concern you have for your members. The worst case scenario would be selling things you don’t use yourself or believe in.”

Even though I no longer workout at my favorite CrossFit, Backcountry CrossFit (BCCF), I still visit them frequently to buy my favorite Paleo foods and supplements. BCCF does an amazing job of providing just the right mix of retail products for their customers. CrossFit Unbroken, specifically sites the Zen Planner software as the tool that allowed them to build out the retail portion of his business, and you can see more here, in CrossFit Unbroken’s video.

Using our software you can manage your retail items and bring in additional revenue while providing a service for your clients. One of the most popular features for managing retail within our software is our ‘express checkout’ feature. This feature quickly allows you to look up a student in your database and complete a purchase using an existing account on file. Or, you can add a new account if needed.

Does your gym software offer retail management capabilities? Download your copy of our free checklist, 9 Things Your Gym Management Software Must Have to discover the key features your future software should have.

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