3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Martial Arts Consultant

You’ve spent countless hours in the school on a mission to perfect your art. Training and teaching are your true passions. Working a “real” 9-5 job just doesn’t light a fire for you like going to the school everyday to train does. When in this position, the next logical step for many martial artists is to open their own school.

Unfortunately, mastering your discipline doesn’t necessarily translate into being a successful school owner. There’s often a “if you build it, they will come” mentality. This is rarely the case.

If you really want to succeed and grow your school, there is a key factor to consider; it has to be treated like a business. But you didn’t gain business skills on the mat so you must look outward for advice and knowledge. There are countless consultants making big promises out there. How can you ensure you’re choosing the right one?

Here are the three questions you must ask when choosing a martial arts business consultant:

1. Do they have a background and deep understanding of of martial arts?

Some ideas sound great and might be effective, but do they consider the full picture of what martial arts is about? A true martial arts consultant understands that you provide more than an hour long workout. If you find yourself speaking to a consultant who tells you to lower your belt standards to keep students or to focus on the quantity of new leads and trial students, you are on your way to becoming a McDojo.

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2. What type of track record do they have in business success and character?

Do in-depth research on any consultant before opening your wallet. Look into their background, find successful verified businesses they have worked with and ask probing questions on how they work. You wouldn’t train under a fake or immoral black belt. Carry that mentality into business as well.

3. Do they teach the business skills to succeed or do they offer a product that will “solve all of your problems”?

Some consultants focus solely on one area of the business or a product that delivers a high volume of leads and students right to your door. They may have effective pieces that can deliver the results promised, but when that piece is gone what are you left with? Similar to great martial arts teachers, quality consultants don’t rely on one magic technique. They coach hands-on to provide knowledge and tools for school owners to succeed on their own.

Asking these questions will ensure you’re choosing a consultant that’s right for your school. Have you hired a consultant before? Be sure to share your tips and experiences below!

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