Workout Tracking – An Essential Tool for Member Engagement and Retention

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As an affiliate owner, you have a ton on your plate. You have to make sure your members are walking in the door consistently. You’re directly linked to your members health and well-being. You work to keep your coaches happy and motivated, and you have your own finances to track and sustain. You want to build and empower your community, united under your vision, and contribute in your own way to the world’s overall health and wellness. This is no simple task, but luckily there are tools to help. If you’re reading this, you likely already use member management software, but you may not be using the other side of the equation – Workout Tracking.

Why Workout Tracking

Workout Tracking is the perfect tool to keep your members motivated and coming back for more each day. Using a solid Workout Tracking tool, such as Zen Planner’s Advanced Workout Tracking, is key to keeping members invested in their own success.

Tracking results means members are immediately aware of their progress, and consistently receive validation that their efforts are paying off. Choosing not to use workout tracking means making it easier for members to disengage, and consequently drift away.

With tracking, members are reminded daily exactly how far they’ve come with each and every Olympic lift, strength movement, and gymnastics skill.

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Workout Tracking Builds Community

Even more important, Workout Tracking allows your community to come together in a healthy, yet competitive manner. Logging and checking scores via Zen Planner’s Member App lets members comment and thumbs up each other’s results. This simple social action fosters camaraderie that bonds members to each other, and in turn, to your box.

To spice things up, have your coaches also log their results to let members have something to aspire to. Getting your coaches in on workout tracking helps members see the value and inspires them to log each day’s results!

Help Athletes Prepare for the WOD

Beyond the awareness of progress and the community bond that Workout Tracking enables, it’s smart to post the WOD ahead so that members can be prepared with the right mindset, and the right gear. Members appreciate seeing that rope climbs are programmed the night before, so they bring the right shoes and long socks or shin-guards.

Although there are definitely those who choose to hide workouts ahead for fear that members will cherry-pick workouts, I’ve found that in six years as a CrossFit athlete, it’s much better for me as an athlete to know ahead what the next day brings, rather than show up completely in the dark.

Workout Tracking Helps with your Programming

Finally, Workout Tracking is important from a programming perspective, to ensure that you have a balance of benchmarks and movements throughout the course of the months and years. Reporting on which skills have been programmed is quick within Zen Planner’s robust reporting system. Want to find out the last time your athletes did Grace, Helen, or any benchmark workout? You can find that information within seconds and know whether it’s time to do it again, or if you should go a different direction for the week ahead.

Members expect their gym to use Workout Tracking, and with so many reasons to use it, there’s no excuse to leave members without it. If you’re not currently using it as a Zen Planner customer, our Support Team would be happy to walk you through all the basics, and we’ll help you build out as many WODs as you’d like until you’re comfortable. Reach out to us at 866-541-3570 or, and let’s work together to get things on track with Advanced Workout Tracking!

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