Picking the Right iPad Case for Your Fitness Business

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When we released Kiosk Mode on the Staff App, we received a lot of questions as to which type of case we recommend our customers purchase. Picking the right case depends on your own business needs.

When picking out your case or stand, here are a few things to consider:

  • Are you using an iPad mini or full sized iPad?
  • Do you need a lock to secure your tablet to your front desk, or just a stand to make access convenient for your members?
  • Are you using a credit card reader or another device that must plug in to your iPad?
  • Do you need the flexibility to present your iPad in portrait mode, or will a stand that locks in landscape work?
  • Will your iPad be kept on a standard height desk or at counter-top height? What angle will work best for your customers as they are interacting with it?

Our User Experience Designer, Jeff Russell, shares a few of his favorite cases.

ipad-caseFor the iPad mini, I love the Angel POS stand. It has a secure, freestanding desktop mount for the mini, and can display in both portrait and landscape display with 360 degree rotation. The case comes with security keys, mounting hardware for easy installation, and is made of steel so it holds up to a lot of wear and tear.

If you have a full sized iPad, check out the Ipevo Security Case with lock and stand for a lower price point. This case fits all generations of iPads. It’s lockable to keep your iPad protected and secure, includes 80 inches of flexible steel cord to keep your iPad under lock and key, and has a built-in collapsible stand with four different viewing angle positions.

For those willing to spend a little more, I recommend the iPad Desktop Anti-Theft POS Stand Holder Enclosure by Angel. The quality is great, and it can be rotated to present your iPad in landscape or portrait as you’d like. It works with iPads 2 and above, and comes with a security lock and key to keep your tablet safe in public areas. You can also purchase a separate cable to secure the stand to your front desk for increased security.

Buying a stand for your iPad adds a level of professionalism to your front desk, as well as keeps your iPad protected with high use. Spending a little time researching your options will ensure that you find the case or stand that bests meets your needs. Most retailers will let you return a case or stand if it hasn’t been used, so if you’re not sure how a stand will work at your front desk, try a few options until you find the one you love.

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