Building Your Affiliate’s Brand

Good branding is not accidental, it’s intentional. Whether you’ve got a new business or if you’ve been in business for years you can always do something to improve your branding. Read on for some helpful insights and tips.

By Zen Planner | December 19, 2018

5 Reasons Your Gym, School or Studio Needs a Brand

Brand has become a buzzword associated with tech startups and Silicon Valley, but the truth is your fitness business really needs a brand as well. Before we get to why your fitness business needs a brand, let’s cover what a brand is, exactly.

By Zen Planner | February 12, 2018

3 Steps to Make Your Fitness Studio a Lifestyle Brand

We embrace lifestyle brands because we identify with them. What they stand for resonates with something in our psyche, and our purchasing choices are shaped by that connection. Once we identify with a lifestyle brand, it’s highly unlikely we’ll stray to a competitor.

By Zen Planner | September 19, 2016