Switching to Zen Planner at Your Affiliate Gym

The comprehensive Zen Planner Suite provides the best end-to-end experience for athletes, coaches and owners. From backend innovation to athlete engagement, Zen Planner empowers box owners to master their business, grow their community and delight their athletes.

There are many reasons your affiliate gym should consider switching to Zen Planner. Here are some of the reasons Zen Planner may be the best fit for your business and athletes.

WOD Tracking and Community Engagement

The workout experience is the backbone of your gym’s community. That’s why the Zen Planner Suite includes Advanced Workout Tracking. In addition to our built-in features, we’ve also elevated our connections. In case you missed it, we recently announced that Zen Planner and SugarWOD are joining forces! SugarWOD is the top workout tracking and community engagement platform in the industry.

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In-Depth Onboarding

The SugarWOD partnership has also sparked many conversations with affiliate gym owners who are interested in switching to Zen Planner from their current software. We want every affiliate gym to become wildly successful, and that success begins with Zen Planner’s onboarding. When you make the switch, you will receive professional, in-depth onboarding sessions to learn how to get the most out of the system.

One of our core values at Zen Planner is Honor, and that is clear when you speak to the Onboarding Team.

“Our team’s mission is to empower business owners by providing a holistic approach for implementing and optimizing Zen Planner to foster happier and healthier communities.”

-Mike Reagles, Onboarding Manager

Dashboard and Reporting

With Zen Planner, you can create and save your own custom reports, or you can work from prebuilt reports to stay on top of your business performance. You can also share or easily export these reports to a spreadsheet. Our robust reporting features give you transparency into your business, so you can set benchmarks, identify red flags and track progress toward your goals.

Powerful Automations

Time-saving automations within Zen Planner allow you to focus on what matters most, your community. You can achieve predictable revenue by setting up automations for billing reminders and even automatic payments. For more effective lead conversion, you can set up automated staff reminders for contacting prospects and managing leads. Zen Planner also gives you the ability to set up automated member communications, ranging from “happy birthday” emails to upcoming class reminders and text messages.

Websites and Digital Marketing

If you need a modern, lead-generating website and digital marketing strategy, the Zen Planner Suite offers a variety of website design and marketing services to fit your business needs. We do more than showcase your brand, we drive qualified leads to your website with the ultimate goal of converting them to loyal members.

Customer Support

If you have a question or concern, rest assured that the Zen Planner customer support team can help. With an industry-leading live call answer rate consistently above 90%, our customer support team takes pride in giving you the answers you need when you need them. This is huge for any box and especially important when you need answers as soon as possible. Whether it’s a question about athlete check-ins or creating a financial report, Zen Planner’s customer support team is ready to field your call.

Thought Leadership

At Zen Planner, we are dedicated to helping make affiliate gym owners successful. That’s why we publish the Annual Affiliate Gym Benchmark Report, the most comprehensive collection and analysis of business data in the industry. Our team works hard to uncover how the top affiliate gyms around the world operate, and we release these findings to the entire community for free.

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