Click, click, ERROR, click, spinning wheel of death… If you are a yoga studio owner, manager or instructor that has used MINDBODY®, chances are this is an all too familiar scenario.

Greeting members and checking people in for a class should be an enjoyable and calming experience, especially in a yoga studio. Yoga studio software must reduce friction and help your business flourish, not cause unnecessary stress.

The check-in process should be simple and easy to navigate each and every day. As a yoga instructor myself, I value being able to interact with and greet my students. I know my regulars by name and make an effort to know what is going on in their lives. I dread being stuck behind the desk trying to figure out things like:

  • Why their name is not showing when I scan them in
  • How to view their last payment
  • Going through tedious steps to simply sell them a water

This takes time away from being able to give my students the individualized attention they deserve.

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In the yoga community we have come to accept these challenges as the norm because until now, there really haven’t been many robust alternatives to MINDBODY. However, you are in luck! Zen Planner is bringing the zen back into your check-in process, saving you time, energy and, most importantly, your sanity. Here are the top three ways our all-inclusive yoga management software will better fit the needs of your studio.

1). Barcode Scanners Aren’t Necessary

How often do people lose these or you scan the card and their name does not come up properly? There is so much room for error they’re quite honestly an unnecessary step in this entire process. Our new Front Desk populates ONE screen where you can simply click on a students’ profile picture to check them in. You can also easily view their profile for any other information you may need like when their last payment was or how many classes they have left on their punch card.

front desk check in

2). Easy Retail

I don’t know about you but I have never understood why it’s such a slow process and takes so many clicks in MINDBODY to sell something as simple as a water or towel. Our new interface makes retail a breeze! There’s a single retail button at the top of the screen, which displays a clear view of all available retail items and pictures. From here, you simply click on any item they want to buy. Two clicks and you’re done; it can’t get much easier than that!

yoga retail

3). Simplified New Member Sign Up

Signing up new students and selling memberships is a simple and straight-forward process in Zen Planner. New students can fill in their personal information, choose a membership and/or a drop-in class, pay for it and even take their profile picture in a few simple steps. Plus, they can then check themselves into class once the process is complete, which means you’ll no longer spend time searching for them in the system after they have created their profile. You’ll start finding yourself with more time each class as gone are the days of fixing errors, manually inputting new students into a clunky system and assigning them with a key tag that you now no longer need!

staff app memberships

I know what you are thinking; this sounds too good to be true and even if it was, the idea of switching to a new platform sounds like a complete nightmare. I completely understand where you’re coming from, both as a yoga instructor and as a sales representative here at Zen Planner. I work with business owners everyday who are going through this process, and I can assure you, our team is here for you, to help make this smooth and painless as possible.

So, take it one step at a time. If Zen Planner could save you time, energy and make your business more efficient, isn’t it worth at least taking a look? Sign up for a live demo so you can see these features in real-time and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be willing to make the jump to a software that can bring some serenity into running your yoga business.

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