The Third Annual Yoga Studio Benchmark Report

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Yoga Studio Business Report

As a yoga studio owner, you make the world better by sharing your passion and practice with students. But to continue doing that, your studio must be able to stay in business through financial stability and profitability. We know that understanding what makes a studio financially sound can be challenging at times, so we make it our mission to support you with our Annual Yoga Studio Benchmark Report.

With the information our report provides, you will be able to adopt the business strategies of the most successful studio owners. From business finances to your studio space, and everything in between, our Annual Yoga Studio Benchmark Report will help you grow your community and delight your students while enjoying the benefits of a financially successful business.

For the third year in a row, we segmented the information into three categories to ensure it’s helpful for you. These groups are arranged by size in relation to number of students: Small, Medium and Large studios. We also identified a fourth group that earns a profit of at least $7,000 each month. We called this group the “Centered” studios.

Centered studios are efficient in their use of space. 

-The Annual Yoga Studio Benchmark Report, 3rd Edition

Our Annual Yoga Studio Benchmark Report data includes:

• Membership Pricing
• Discounting Strategies
• Marketing Spend
• Median Facility Size
• Percent of Students on Autopay
• Class Size
• Teacher Compensation

For the most comprehensive collection and analysis of yoga studio management and operations data available, download our report now!

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