Reflecting on the 12th Annual Telluride Yoga Festival

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Telluride Yoga Festival

Telluride Yoga Festival

Written by Sara Gunning, PPC Specialist at Zen Planner

Zen Planner was honored to sponsor the 12th annual Telluride Yoga Festival June 27-30 in beautiful Telluride, Colorado. The Telluride Yoga Festival is a special event featuring over 100 offerings like yoga, meditation, music, hiking, dining, social gatherings and much more.

The Telluride Yoga Festival was such a fantastic experience! The location was beautiful, the teachers were amazing and everyone attending was fully present. One of the highlights for many attendees was the Zen Planner happy hour. Several attendees told us the happy hour was their favorite event, and the local establishment we partnered with, The Liberty, said Zen Planner was their absolute favorite company to work with.

Overall, the Telluride Yoga Festival was a truly special experience, and the Zen Planner team definitely returned home more centered. The yoga community’s arms are open to Zen Planner, and I am excited to see what the future holds.

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Building Community in the Yoga Space

The post-Telluride reports from Zen Planner team members all shared a theme and reminder. That is, community is such an important aspect of yoga. There are different levels, layers and types of communities in the yoga space. The Telluride Yoga Festival in itself is a yoga community. The cool part of this event is that hundreds of people absorb the vibe from the Telluride Yoga Festival community and then transfer those learnings to their respective communities at home.

Like we mentioned in an earlier blog post, “Since the first classes started springing up decades ago, yoga has been promoted as an inclusive practice open to all who want to be part of a larger community.”

That couldn’t be more true of the Telluride Yoga Festival this year.


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