Six Podcasts Every Fitness Entrepreneur Should Listen To

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What podcasts should fitness business owners check out?

Meetings. Classes. Work. Gym. Food. We are always on the move. Nowadays it can seem impossible to even catch a breath, let alone sit down and read. Podcasts are a great way to continue learning while on the go. As long as you have headphones and a phone, your learning adventure can take place. Whether you’re running to the grocery store or commuting home after a long meeting, learning through podcasts is as simple as the click of a button.

To help get you started, here are six amazing entrepreneur and business podcasts to get you started.

Entrepreneur Podcasts

1). Startup

Launched in 2014, Startup has been downloaded millions of times. As a documentary series about entrepreneurial life, Startup gets candid about what it’s really like to be an entrepreneur in today’s world. While we often see the glamorous and romanticized version of entrepreneurship, there are struggles and successes that never get told.

Why Startup: With its first season being adapted into an ABC sitcom called Alex, Startup has truly proven its reliability and honesty to the larger public. Check out this episode on one entrepreneur’s journey to launch a new sport. While the specifics of this story may be different than yours, these entrepreneurial tales are relatable in that they speak to certain experiences that all entrepreneurs go through when trying to get their businesses off the ground.

2). Powderkeg

Powderkeg focuses on helping entrepreneurs, specifically those outside of Silicon Valley, succeed by connecting them with the financial resources they need to grow and scale.  Powderkeg’s podcast provides a unique peek into the world of funding, showcasing the struggles related to growth that many startups face at a certain point in their development.

Why Powderkeg: While there are many amazing entrepreneurial podcasts out there, very few make a point to acknowledge and break down the specific challenges facing startups outside of Silicon Valley. This is important because growing a business in Silicon Valley is inherently different than growing a business elsewhere – yet many podcasts don’t openly acknowledge this. Powderkeg will provide advice that is applicable to your situation. If you’re interested in learning more about business fundraising, check out this episode.

3). Entrepreneurs ON FIRE

Entrepreneurs ON FIRE features interviews that are meant to inspire entrepreneurs every day of the week. Led by founder and host, John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneurs ON FIRE is extremely candid about the ups and downs that many entrepreneurs have faced along their journey.

Why Entrepreneurs ON FIRE:  John Lee Dumas interviews people that you can really learn from and feel inspired by. For example, if you are feeling self-conscious about getting out there and talking about your fitness company to strangers, then you could use some tips on how to be a better networker. If this is you, then check out this episode, “Engaging Communication and Authentic Networking (without the ‘Ick’ Factor!) with Halelly Azulay”

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Business Podcasts

4). Outside In

Outside In analyzes the world’s most customer-centered brands and discusses the importance of being a customer-inspired organization. Strategies, branding and random life experiences are shared to reveal why certain brands achieve success.

Why Outside In: Outside In consistently illustrates that if your brand focuses on the customer, you’ll be able to tackle problems in a much more focused way. Check out this episode, featuring examples from Lego and Gatorade, for guidance on how to stop fighting competitors and instead start thinking about “dating your customers” as a way to innovate and stay ahead in the fitness industry.

5).Social Triggers

Host Derek Halpern is an expert at sales, and he gives his listeners advice and tips on both business and marketing. Social Triggers aims to teach its listeners topics ranging from how to be more persuasive, how to get more clients, how to get referrals, etc.

Why Social Triggers: Derek’s episodes often feature special guests including authors, specialists and even a magician! Every guest has an interesting perspective related to business in general, selling and marketing. Michael Fishman, for example, has been the leading advisor on marketing, positioning and strategy setting in the health, wellness and personal development categories and is a guest on an episode featuring the psychology of language. Check it out: “How to Eliminate Wallet Closing Words From Your Emails, Sales Pages and Speech”.

6). Small Business War Stories

Just under a year old, Small Business War Stories is making a splash in the podcast arena. SBWS is special in that it focuses solely on the trials and triumphs of small businesses. The needs of a small business are completely different than the needs of a large company or even a freelancer. This podcast will not only appeal to small businesses, it will also relate to small businesses on a deep and honest level.

Why Small Business War Stories: Growing a small business is hard work. It can often feel like no one is on your side, and that the big company next door is going to dominate no matter what you do. Check out Small Business War Stories to get a sense of belonging amongst other small business owners. Listen to stories, struggles and successes from people who truly understand what you are facing. This story on Pursuit Nutrition, a performance solution for individuals looking to pursue their best selves, is a particularly good one!


Living life on the go can truly take a toll on your personal well-being and your ability to sit down and learn something new as you try to grow your business. Accordingly, as we run around, we often neglect the value of learning. Podcasts are a great way to continue pursuing knowledge, even while on the move. While there are many amazing podcasts, these six podcasts are particularly important for your business owners and entrepreneurs like you. Listen and learn!

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